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Breede River Estuary








Estuaries are among some of our most important coastal ecological features and rank along with tropical rainforests and coral reefs as the world’s most productive ecosystems. They are even more productive than both the rivers and the ocean that influence them from either side.

Estuaries are a transition zone where fish, birds and animals of all sorts congregate to feed, find refuge, grow to adulthood, and stage migrations. They are unique places, strongly affected by tidal action, where land and river and sea merge into a dynamic natural complex.







Many commercially and recreationally important fish species depend on estuaries. According to studies undertaken in the USA, between 60 – 90% of all of their commercially important fish species spend some period of their life-cycles within estuaries. However, since commercial and recreational fishing occurs predominantly offshore or in rivers, the vital life history and energetic connections with estuaries have largely been disregarded.

Estuaries provide a nursery for the larval forms of some marine fish species, and provide shelter and food for many young and adult fish and shellfish. These in turn provide food for other levels of the food chain including migrating bird, larger fish and marine mammals.







These important areas are subject to numerous sources of ecological damage and are sites of high human habitation. Human pressure and poor management of the entire catchment has led to estuaries being polluted with weed infestations and over-utilized and trampled by domestic stock. Industrial chemicals such as lead, zinc and pesticides are pumped into estuaries and in many cases raw sewage is also pumped directly into these critically important eco-systems. This degradation has resulted in many of South Africa’s estuaries being in a very poor state of health and management.

The C.A.P.E Estuaries Programme that is facilitated and led by CapeNature has over the last few years tried to improve this situation and has successfully embarked on developing a number of management plans for our major estuary systems. This process has included extensive stakeholder engagement which aims to get the communities living in the area of the estuary to take direct ownership of the particular site.

Goukamma Estuary Mouth
















The programme has a number of key objectives:

  • Ensure proper management of the estuaries water through input to River Catchment Management Agencies (CMA).
  • Ensure protection of aquatic life to optimum sustainable levels in line with improved water resources, whilst also eliminating alien invasive species.
  • Eliminate existing activities that are damaging to the environment and against policy – Illegal developments and actions (e.g. Houses, landing strip, jetties, slipways, clearing of indigenous riparian vegetation, illegal fishing etc.).
  • Eradicate, and assist private landowners to eradicate all invasive alien vegetation within the geographically defined estuary boundaries and rehabilitate indigenous flora.
  • Protect indigenous fauna and flora associated with the estuary waters and its defined surrounds.
  • Clearly define the geographic boundaries of the estuary system.
  • Establish a competent Estuary Management Forum (EMF) and an estuary management protocol. The EMF should have the required authority and resources to undertake and enforce its allocated responsibilities and which will be held accountable for its performance.
  • Allow social and economic development within the defined estuary space, only to the extent that it co-exists in terms of prioritized estuary imperatives. Encourage environmentally friendly development and stimulate sound building design and techniques (energy efficient and water wise).
  • Develop and implement local bylaws that will enable the management authority to give effect to the estuary management plan objectives and manage its allocated responsibility.
  • Develop an efficient law enforcement capability to ensure that both proactive and consequent steps are taken in support of the management authority’s duties and objectives.
  • Develop and implement an ongoing intensive public awareness campaign.
  • Establish a voluntary participating river forum of public stakeholders that are sincerely committed to the Vision and Mission.
  • Establish a priority list of problems and an interim process to identify, monitor, deal with and prevent undesirable and unsuitable developments and activities.

    Chenolea Diffusa or Soutbossie









The work being undertaken by the C.A.P.E Estuaries Programme is absolutely critical and we must all do our utmost to support this work.


Dealer News

Renowned Eastern Cape Marine Personality chooses Honda

                    Stephan Lemmer – Skipper of Keryn’s RIB powered by 2 x Honda BF90HP VTEC’s

At Honda Marine Port Alfred every new customer buying into the Honda family is just as important as the next, however when someone who’s really well known in the boating and marine sphere opts for Honda outboard power, then that’s something to really talk about.

Such a customer is Keryn van der Walt who is synonymous with the NSRI and boating, as well as with diving, tourism, charity and all forms of marine activity in general. For many years Keryn was the NSRI’s first and only female station commander in SA, with legendary achievements behind her and her team’s name. She now runs her own successful company in Port Alfred called ‘Outdoor Focus’ which entertains people on the water, both assisting and training them. So for the best skipper’s, radio and other courses, look no further than Outdoor Focus (Tel.: 046 624 4432).

Anyway Keryn recently acquired a SuperDuck dive boat for her business. It came with twin 85hp two-stroke outboards, but after having done some research on alternative engine options and their potential benefits, she soon decided that ‘enough was enough’ and popped into Honda Marine Port Alfred to place her order for twin Honda BF90HP VTEC’s.
Honda Marine Port Alfred quickly rigged the hard working boat in just over a day and well, let’s just say that the transformation of that SuperDuck was quite remarkable, with the performance leaving everyone, including Keryn, weak at the knees – it’s now a rocket ship!

What’s more she can now even talk to her charter customers when the boat is at full throttle, showing just how quiet her new Honda’s are. But most of all, it was the fuel consumption that brought the biggest smile to her face. As you can imagine with a marine business like Keryn’s, the fuel overheads are a massive factor. Although it’s still early days for accurate fuel consumption comparisons, plus the fact that the Honda’s are still being run-in, initial figures are proving very positive. Where previously some 13 x 25 litre tanks (325 litres) of pre-mix fuel with R400 worth of two-stroke oil was used on the 80km trip to Bird Island and back (fully laden), the Honda’s are now using 60% less fuel and no oil at all.

This obviously amounts to savings of thousands of Rands per trip! Over future months because Keryn keeps such meticulous records of fuel used, we’ll be reporting more accurately and in more detail on her operations as to just how much money the new Honda BF90’s are saving her. Watch this space…

Honda Marine Knysna to celebrate 5 Year Anniversary and Marine Lifestyle & Accessories Centre Opening

Marine Lifestyle & Accessories Centre at Honda Marine Knysna --- PHOTO: Paul Weavers

Honda Marine Knysna will be celebrating their 5th Birthday as well as the official opening of their all-new ‘Marine Lifestyle & Accessories Centre’ on Friday, December 02, 2011. Much work has gone into the planning, setting up and equipping of their prime-spot located showrooms in Waterfront Drive, Knysna, where a superb customer-friendly flow between new boats, second hand and smaller boats, kayaks and a host of leisure accessories has been created.

Opening December 02 2011 --- PHOTO: Paul Weavers


Sedibeng Municipal District take delivery of twin Honda BF90 powered RIB

Tony Lindhorst with Pieter Nieuwenhuizen

Mr Pieter Nieuwenhuizen, the manager of the Sedibeng district municipal Disaster Management/ Fire & Rescue Institute, recently took delivery of a Infanta 6.7m rescue boat powered by 2 x Honda BF90HP VTEC outboard engines from Honda Marine Vaal.

The New Panache 1450 powered by a Honda BF60HP takes to the water in Port Alfred

Panache 1450 powered by a Honda BF60 HP

Over the past six months Honda Marine Port Alfred has provided no less than seven Honda outboard motors to the prominent Sparg family and their close relatives in the Eastern Cape/Transkei regions. The latest was to Mr Shane Sparg (his second Honda outboard!) who took delivery of a Honda BF60 to power the first Panache 1450 received at the shop. Initial feedback has confirmed that Mr Sparg is absolutely thrilled with the beautiful all-round balance of his new Honda powered boat.

Shane Sparg



Dealer Focus

DEALER FOCUS – Honda Marine Port Alfred
With each Newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the Honda Marine Dealer Network, letting you know where your nearest Honda Marine dealer is situated and also giving you background into how Honda Marine has been able to so effectively establish itself in the South African market.

Working our way around the coast and then inland, we’re now heading off to Honda Marine Port Alfred.
Here we find ourselves in discussion with Doug Kemsley, the Dealer Principal.

Why did you choose Honda in terms of wanting to be a Marine dealer?
Our main facility is exceptionally strategically located right on the water in the Royal Alfred Marina’s Small Boat Harbour and right next to the busy N2 highway between Port Elizabeth and East London, so we had the pick of all the outboard motor brands to choose from when we opened. They all approached us to deal in their products. However, having been in the motoring game for more than 40 years, I was well aware that of all the outboard brands, Honda’s quality and technology was by far and away the best. With the philosophy that customer satisfaction starts on the factory production line, and having been to the Honda factory in Japan to see the built-in quality at first hand, the opposition were therefore ‘non-starters’ in Port Alfred.

The Honda Marine Port Alfred Team also firmly believes in the future of the four-stroke as the way ahead for outboard motors. Also, the Team here simply loves a challenge and wanted to get in on the ground floor with Honda and help to build up the brand, because at the time Honda had only officially been back in South Africa for three years.

How long have you been a Honda Marine dealer?
For three years

Meet the Team at the Dealership
Doug Kemsley – CEO and owner
Lou de Bruin – Senior General Manager
Laurence Kemsley – Marketing and Sales Manager
Andrea Kemsley – Sales

The technical component of Honda Marine Port Alfred received a boost with
the recent appointment of LB van Oudtshoorn as Workshop and Boat Rigging Manager. He comes with extensive experience of ‘Organisation and Methods’ concepts in production facilities and installations, from having previously worked in Italy and Botswana. LB will direct Honda Marine Port Alfred’s workshop operations including the rigging of new boats, repairs and rebuilding of outboard motors and gearboxes, as well as building and repairs to hulls and boat trailers. He is a boating enthusiast and deep sea and river fisherman, and has his deep sea skipper’s ticket.

LB Oudtshoorn - recently appointed Workshop Manager

LB van Oudtshoorn – Workshop and Rigging Manager
Howard  Ngabayena – Technician
Simphiwe Tsibani – Mechanic/Electrician
Shadrack Shweleni – Trailer and Jetty builder
Thembi Jerry – Boat Cleaning/Showroom/Petrol
Elenha – Housekeeping

With what Boat Manufacturers do you have direct tie-ups?

Benguela 530 from Austral Marine --- PHOTO: Leisure Boating Magazine

We have a four-year relationship with Austral Marine for its Angler Boats such as the Panache, Odyssey, Benguela, Harrier and Kestrel models. Our association with Austral stems from the superb quality, performance and design integrity of its products. We sell the El Shaddai Flamingo cabin cruisers, Infanta RIB inflatables, ButtCats and SuperCat deep sea fishing boats, Kowie Marine river barges and any houseboats – plus any specific custom boats that clients ask us to source and rig for them.

What types of Boat Packages are most popular in your area?
We are fortunate in Port Alfred in that we have equal numbers of customers who wish to buy deep sea fishing boats for the rough but bounty-full fishing locations, as well as those who require speed boats and cabin boats for use on the magnificent, scenic Kowie, Bushman’s, Sunday’s and Kariega rivers, as well as the many large lagoons in the area. The Kowie River in Port Alfred is navigable for up to 22 kms on a high tide. We have rigged mostly Odysseys, ButtCats and SuperCats for local fishermen, while Angler’s Panache 1450, 1750 and 1950 are by far our most popular inland craft for skiing, wakeboarding and cruising. For the deep sea fishing boats such as the Benguela 530 CAT, twin Honda BF60HP’s are absolute perfection. A single BF60HP also matches the Panache 1450 like a dream, and the same goes for the BF135 on the Panache 1750, and a BF150 or BF200 for the Panache 1950.

Panache 1450 powered by a Honda BF60HP

The sale of pre-owned boats is also important to us in these tough economic times and whereas our upcountry customers (with holiday houses here) can easily afford to buy new, the locals largely are content to go for something second-hand, even with a bit of DIY required, just to get onto the water. These include small cabin boats with cathedral-type hulls for river fishing, Scimitars with thumping great, gas-guzzling, two-strokes for the skiing fraternity, and gnarly old ButtCats for the best serious deep sea fishing work.

In what main areas does your Workshop specialize?
We service all Honda outboards, rig new boats and fit equipment, launch and collect from anywhere, clean, repair and carry out general maintenance. What’s more we are also able to repair any type of outboard motors, four or two-stroke. We have large boat storage facilities in a handy location near the Marina, which has proved extremely popular among upcountry customers.

Importantly these days, we manage sea and river worthy inspections on clients’ boats, and provide all the necessary equipment, right down to affixing the registration decals. Customers find this a particularly tedious exercise when they are on leave and trying to have an annual holiday. We also provide boaters with convenient waterside refuelling facilities – crucial these days with so many craft having inboard fuel tanks – from where they can also buy lubricants and refreshments.

Furthermore, we have a large-capacity slipway dolly which can handle craft up to 40 tons. It is thus perfect for the quick, easy and safe removal of any boat out of the water, whether to repair it, clean it or to anti-foul it. This facility also brings us work from the Government, Rhodes University, Lightley’s Houseboats and big craft from Port Elizabeth, St Francis Bay and East London. It is also perfect for cleaning, servicing and anti-fouling the many barges on the river. In recent times the dolly has also ‘saved’ two boats because we were able to get them onto the dolly and out of the water before they sank!

Honda Marine Port Alfred's much used 'Dolly'

We also undertake repair work to trailers and jettys and are also the SA agents for the premium quality US-made, JetDock jetty and docking systems. Among their many advantages are that they have a (limited) lifetime warranty, require no maintenance and are modular for maximum flexibility when it comes to jetty and docking system configurations. They are also non-permanent structures, so if you want to move locations, you simply take your JetDock with you. JetDock drive-on models are becoming very popular, leaving your boat high and dry, out of the water when not in use, but beware of cheap JetDock imitations!

With which Leisure Accessory companies are you involved?
We sell a full range of watersport and boating leisure equipment including OBrien, Fuel and  Connelly skis, kneeboards, wakeboards, tubes, ski and tube ropes and Zero life vests. On the fishing front, we have a very busy and fully stocked fishing equipment and bait department. Drop-shot and fresh bait is available as are flies, lures, line, hooks, sinkers and all other fishing requirements. Shimano, Rapala, Daiwa, Berkley and Penn are among the major brand names stocked

With which Navigational Equipment companies are you involved?
Our boat shop is extensively stocked with most marine parts and equipment, from stainless steel split pins, nuts, bolts and other items, through to safety equipment, and boat parts sufficient to keep everyone on the water. We stock both Garmin and Lowrance electronics such as GPS/Fish finders, depth sounders and radar. We find the Icom VHF radios to be most popular as their quality – they are submersible for up to 30 minutes – and reliability is beyond question. For the serious deep sea fishermen we also sell satellite ‘phones, EPIRB systems and life rafts. HMPA is also a South African agent for the US’s West Marine with its unbelievably large range of imported marine and allied goods and equipment.
Do you offer sell Canoes/ Kayaks – if you do then what makes/ types are available?
Being on the river and on the sea, the Eastern Cape is a canoe and kayak paradise as well. We find the Fluid Designs brand most suited to our conditions and we sell the entire range from the one-person Buddy through to the two-person Synergy, with rod holders for fishing or without, for pure fun. We can arrange for the supply of any other brand of kayak or canoe, should the customer require it.

In the case of Customer Emergencies or Problems, do you offer a Call-Out service? How much do you charge?
HMPA offers a 24-hour emergency call out service for either deep sea or for the river.

We also work very closely with the NSRI station in Port Alfred in emergency and problem solving – its soon-to-be-launched new craft will be fitted with two Honda BF225s. The Harbour Master, Keryn van der Walt, also has the Outdoor Focus SuperDuck with new twin Honda BF90s. We work as a co-ordinated unit to assist boaters.

Do you have a specific message for the readers?

All-new Honda BF250 will be available from Honda Marine Port Alfred early in 2012

Our emphasis is on total, one-stop customer convenience, starting from the fact that we are located right in the middle of Port Alfred’s and the Eastern Cape’s boating hub and being open seven days a week. We hate ‘comebacks’ and unhappy customers and therefore sell only superior quality new products and don’t tolerate cheap and nasty items – they bring problems in the long term. Our message to readers is that we find so many people purchase the wrong boat for their purposes, so do proper research when buying a boat package. Carefully consider what the boat is to be mostly used for and go for the best in class for that use. We try to guide customers to think at least three years ahead in terms of their needs on the water. Speak to the experts on the subject, buy only quality and look after your craft and in 10 years you will be able to sell it at a profit.

Honda Marine Port Alfred – Contact Details:
Tel: +27 46 624 1189
Fax: +27 46 624 2791
E-mail: hondamarinepa@telkomsa.net
Website: www.hondamarineportalfred.co.za


Product News

VTEC® Technology: Smooth Acceleration and Power

Honda BF150HP VTEC --- PHOTO: Paul Weavers

Honda’s Variable Valve Timing & Lift Electronic Control (VTEC®) system provides power where and when you need it and is a standard feature on the Honda Marine BF90/ BF150/ BF225, and the recently launched and soon to arrive in South Africa, BF250 outboards.

VTEC is the “replacement for displacement” and offers outstanding performance without the inferior low rpm fuel efficiency of larger displacement competitors. It gives a broader, flatter torque curve as well as a smooth power delivery throughout the engine’s operating range.

How does VTEC work?

2 x Honda BF150HP VTEC outboards --- PHOTO: Paul Weavers

VTEC varies the lift and duration of the intake valves to deliver optimal performance at both low and high rpm, resulting in peak performance at all speeds. VTEC uses two cam lobe profiles to operate the intake valves.

The low-lift, short duration cam lobes (shown in red) provide strong torque at low rpm. At higher rpm, a synchronizing piston engages the third rocker arm on a high-lift cam (in blue).  All three rocker arms are locked together. The intake valves are open for a longer period of time to produce more power.

This results in a superior combination of power, torque and fuel efficiency.

Performance and Efficiency of the Honda BF2.3HP outboard engine

Honda BF2.3HP outboard engine

BF2.3: A Mini Powerhouse
Small and easy to handle, Honda’s BF2.3 is the lightest four-stroke outboard motor available. At just 12kgs (27 pounds), this low-maintenance, lightweight model is the perfect portable outboard. A fold-down tiller handle allows for easy transportation and storage, while an integral fuel tank facilitates removal and portability as one unit. The motor’s fuel vent may also be closed for transport or extended storage periods.
Like the BF5, the design of the BF2.3 incorporates a number of innovative features, including Shallow Water Drive, 4-Front Corrosion Protection, Twist-Grip Throttle, and a front-mount carrying handle. A Centrifugal Clutch maintains a smooth idle, automatically engaging the propeller above idle speed when the throttle is advanced. Similar to the neutral position in an automobile, the feature provides outstanding trolling capabilities. Further contributing to the BF2.3’s ease of use is a 360-degree swivel bracket, which provides superior manoeuvrability in tight areas and results in additional reverse thrust. And since it is air-cooled, the BF2.3 eliminates the need for a water pump and ensures that the cooling system will not become plugged with debris.

World’s lightest 4-stroke outboard with record breaking economy
The world’s lightest 4-stroke is also lighter than most 2-strokes in its class. The 4-stroke design offers world-renowned Honda quality, proven reliability, and superior fuel efficiency, with no oil mixing.
Centrifugal clutch
The centrifugal clutch maintains a smooth idle and when advanced, automatically engages the prop above idle speed. It’s like having a neutral position.

Transistor ignition
Maintenance-free, high-energy output for quick and easy starts.

360° swivel steering
Provides excellent manoeuvrability in tight areas as well as full thrust in reverse.

Shallow water drive
Allows you to run in shallow water and greatly reduces the risk of engine damage.

Honda Motor SA/ Global News

ASIMO receives Warm Welcome in South Africa

ASIMO at the JHB International Motor Show

ASIMO travelled to the Johannesburg International Motor Show in early October to mark the southern hemisphere debut of the all-new Honda Civic. Whilst ASIMO is no stranger to South Africa, having visited in 2006, this is the first time that the new ASIMO has been to the country.

Meet and Greet with ASIMO

The Johannesburg International Motor Show is the single largest automotive event in Africa. The biennial event takes place over eleven days and features over 200 exhibitors and 60 automotive brands. This year’s show was expected to host over a quarter of a million visitors.

Climbing stairs is not a problem!

ASIMO performed 56 shows during the stay in Johannesburg on a vast, purpose-built stage. Each demonstration, lasting half an hour, offered an opportunity for visitors to see Honda’s latest advances in the field of humanoid robotics. These included ASIMO’s ability to run, climb stairs, give and receive objects as well as dance, all displaying ASIMO’s superior agility and movement.

Honda Motor Company voted amongst Top 10 of Global Companies in terms of Carbon Performance and Disclosure

Carbon Disclosure Project

The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is an independent not-for-profit organization holding the largest database of primary corporate climate change information in the world. Thousands of organizations from across the world’s major economies measure and disclose their greenhouse gas emissions, water use and climate change strategies through CDP. The CDP puts this information at the heart of financial and policy decision-making.

CDP Global 500 Report 2011

The 2011 edition of the annual CDP Global 500 report examines the carbon reduction activities at the world’s largest public corporations.

Taking action towards low carbon growth is fundamental if business is to protect itself against risks such as resource scarcity and create more sustainable business models that generate longterm shareholder value. This year CDP sent its annual questionnaire to Global 500 companies on behalf of 551 investors with US$71 trillion of assets, asking them to measure and report what climate change means for their business. Over 400 corporations responded.
This report, entitled Accelerating Low Carbon Growth, provides the latest insight from these company responses into how the world’s major companies are preparing for a low carbon economy. It highlights the link between greenhouse gas emissions management and financial performance and reveals this year’s leaders in both disclosure and performance.
The pinnacle is The Carbon Performance Leadership Index (CPLI) and Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index which are revised annually based on company submissions and present the leaders of the Global 500 in carbon performance and disclosure respectively. The top 10 best performing companies on both measures this year are:

USA: Bank of America, Cisco Systems
Japan: Honda Motor Company, Sony Corporation
Germany: Bayer, BMW, SAP
United Kingdom:Tesco
Netherlands: Philips Electronics
Australia: Westpac Banking Corporation
There are 14 new entrants to the 2011 Carbon Performance Leadership Index, which counts just 29 companies due to more demanding criteria applied by CDP. These are:

USA: Air Products & Chemicals, Lockheed Martin, Morgan Stanley
Japan: Honda Motor Company, Sony Corporation
Germany: SAP
France: AXA Group, Schneider Electric
United Kingdom: British American Tobacco, BG Group, Glaxo SmithKline
Switzerland: Novartis
For further info on:

1. Websites featuring Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP):     http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=carbon+disclosure+project&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8

2. Specific info on CDP: https://www.cdproject.net/en-US/Pages/HomePage.aspx

3. Global 500 Report 2011: https://www.cdproject.net/CDPResults/CDP-G500-2011-Report.pdf

Honda launches the new CBR1000RR Fireblade

The new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade

September 23, 2011 – Honda officially unveiled the 2012 CBR1000RR Fireblade, celebrating 20 years since it was first launched as the CBR900RR in 1991.

The new machine was revealed simultaneously at two world class racing events: the Le Mans 24 hours round of the Endurance World Championship in France, and the eleventh round of the 2011 World Superbike Championship in Imola, Italy.
On hand to unveil the new machine to race fans were John McGuinness, racing at Le Mans for the Honda TT Legends Team, and Jonathan Rea, rider for the Castrol Honda Team in the World Superbike Championship.

John McGuinness, winner of 17 races at the Isle of Man TT, commented:
“I’ve got a real soft spot for the Fireblade. I’ve ridden it in many different racing events over the years and had a lot of success with it. In fact, some of the most memorable moments of my career have been on the Fireblade – from TT wins to this year in the World Endurance Championship. Unveiling the new model here at Le Mans is pretty exciting and I’m honoured that I was chosen to do it. It’s great that all the thousands of racing and Fireblade fans around the world will now have the chance to see it for real.”

Jonathan Rea, rider for the Castrol Honda World Superbike team:
“I feel like I have grown up with the Fireblade. It’s such an iconic machine and it’s an unbelievable feeling being the man to actually reveal the latest version. It really looks fantastic and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.”

Hirofumi Fukunaga, Development Project Leader for the 2012 CBR1000RR Fireblade:
“This is a model allowing all super sports bike lovers, including the most experienced, to savour the joy of owning the CBR1000RR Fireblade, while at the same time feeling more fun in sporty riding and more joy of riding than ever before, whether it be on winding roads or at a circuit.”
2012 CBR1000RR overview:

New styling package
New nose, layered main fairing and a tail section bring a more aggressive and a dynamic look to the 2012 CBR1000RR.

New front and rear suspension
Introduced for the first time on a production motorcycle, an advanced new rear shock uses a double-tube design to ensure smoother and more accurate response, superior damping and improved traction. The 2012 CBR1000RR also features inverted 43mm telescopic front forks with Showa’s Big Piston technology, offering improved damping, increased front tyre grip and better stability under braking.

Revised fuel injection settings
New fuel injection settings for the 999cc inline-4 engine, make it even smoother and easier to use, particularly at smaller throttle openings.

New 12-spoke wheels
Stunning 12-spoke cast aluminium wheels provide more consistent rigidity to work with the new forks to deliver improved handling.

Enhanced instrumentation
The new CBR1000RR Fireblade uses a multi-function LCD instrument panel now with lap timer, gear position indicator, plus tachometer with 4 modes of display.