Honda Marine’s BF60 offering performance, fuel efficiency and smoothness of operation

Honda BF60HP in action

Honda’s BF60 gives boaters the fuel efficiency and quiet operation of Honda’s legendary four-stroke outboard engine technology combined with lightweight and powerful acceleration. It’s ideal for rigid inflatable boats (RIBS), offshore and inshore fishing boats, smaller speed and centre-consoled boats, as well as pontoon boats, offering a host of Honda-exclusive technologies and consumer benefits.

Honda’s exclusive Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST) system and a high-performance gear case combine for a strong holeshot, while Lean Burn Control provides best-in-class fuel efficiency at cruise. Additionally, a best-in-class 22-amp alternator offers 17 amps of battery charging capacity to keep electronics charged all day, even at trolling speeds. And at 108kgs, the engine is one of the lightest in its class.

Twin Honda BF60's powering a Benguela 530 CAT

Redefining Mid-Range Four-Stroke Performance
Honda’s BF60 Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) outboard engine redefines four-stroke performance with the patented BLAST system.

BLAST technology advances the BF60’s ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during “hammer down” acceleration, dramatically improving holeshot and acceleration. The Engine Control Module (ECM) also steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air/fuel mixture. The resulting boost in available torque at low RPM contributes to a strong holeshot to get the boat up on plane quickly. The ignition spark timing is appropriately adjusted under slower throttle advancement, ensuring a leaner air/fuel mix and class-leading fuel efficiency.

Performance is not limited to top-end speed; slow trolling also is essential. The BF60 EFI excels in this area thanks to the addition of Honda’s adjustable trolling system, which allows for trolling speed adjustment in 50 RPM increments from 750 RPM to 1,000 RPM. Trolling speed is adjusted using a special dashboard switch for remote control models, and via an integrated switch located adjacent to the shift lever on tiller models. Tiller models also feature a handle-mounted power tilt/trim switch located at the operator’s fingertips to ensure user safety and comfort.

Honda BF60HP

The BF60 also features Honda’s all-new high-performance gear case. A longer anti-ventilation plate helps trap water flowing to the propeller to minimize cavitation, while a streamlined front and enlarged bullet reduce drag for enhanced acceleration and fuel efficiency. A front splash plate reduces spray from the hull bottom, helping to maintain a dry deck above.

The BF60 is also available in a special Power Thrust configuration, which offers a unique Power Thrust gear case with a 2.33:1 gear ratio for increased thrust under heavier loads. The enlarged bullet and more robust Power Thrust gear case allow for the use of large-diameter propellers, making the BF60 Power Thrust an ideal fit for pontoon applications. Power Thrust also optimizes the BF60’s 50-degree steering angle by providing additional thrust in close quarters for an astonishingly tight turning radius.

Further contributing to the BF60’s exceptional manoeuvrability is Honda’s innovative Rudder Angle Indicator, which displays the engine’s steering angle via a dashboard gauge. The gauge eliminates the steering guesswork common among pontooners when docking or getting underway.

Infanta 4.7 RIB powered by a Honda BF60

A Closer Look Under the Cowling
The 998cc, in-line 3-cylinder BF60 EFI features a Single Overhead Camshaft (SOHC) design that delivers the optimal air/fuel mixture for maximum torque and combustion efficiency. In addition, a Multi-Port Electronic Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI) accurately controls ignition timing and fuel flow during start-up to provide instant throttle response regardless of weather conditions. The system also helps improve overall fuel efficiency by ensuring an optimal air/fuel mixture across the RPM range.

Further contributing to the engine’s outstanding fuel economy is Honda’s exclusive Lean Burn Control, which pairs the ECU with an oxygen (O2) sensor to adjust the air/fuel mix according to speed and load, maximizing efficiency in “cruise mode” (3,000 – 4,500 RPM).

The engine’s best-in-class 22-amp alternator (17 amps of battery charging), ignition, and other critical components are mounted near the top of the powerhead to ensure that all are kept cool and dry. Power Thrust models offer a 27-amp alternator with 22 amps of battery charging capacity. The BF60 is also meets NMEA 2000 standards, providing users full compatibility with a host of electronic devices.

Honda BF60HP

The BF60 EFI boasts an Engine Alert System that uses visual, audio, and RPM reduction circuits to alert the operator of conditions that contribute to engine damage, such as overheating, low oil pressure, and over-revving. Tiller models feature a new 4-lamp warning system built into the tiller handle, while remote control models deliver alerts via messaging through Honda’s multi-function digital gauges or a special indicator built into the unit’s control box. Tiller models also feature a reversible shift lever, ensuring ease of use from both port and starboard seating configurations.

The BF60 also features Honda’s exclusive double-sealed and multi-layered Four-Front Corrosion Protection (paint) System, as well as several other features designed to minimize damage caused by the harsh marine environment. A unique one-touch anode check system and improved waterproofing inside the engine cover and gear case are just a few of the innovative features Honda has added to ensure the motor’s long-term durability. Forward-mounted water pickups enhance the engine’s cooling characteristics, while large sacrificial anodes have been added to the gear case to further deter corrosion. Finally, a freshwater flush port serves to remove salt water and debris from the engine after use, greatly improving the engine’s long-term durability.
In addition to improved fuel efficiency and performance characteristics, the BF60 EFI also incorporates a number of features designed to facilitate maintenance. An automotive-type oil filter and colour-coded oil fill and dipstick simplify fluid level checks and changes.

The BF60 EFI is available in 20- and 25-inch shaft models. All new Honda outboard engines sold for recreational use offer an industry-best True 3-year, non-declining limited factory warranty that is the same on the last day as it is on the first.

Honda Marine pioneered four-stroke engine technology, setting a new benchmark for fuel efficiency, quiet operation, and low emissions. Honda’s outboards share the same unparalleled durability, quality, and reliability of its legendary automobiles.
HONDA BF60 : Specifications


Type                                                            Four-Stroke In-Line 3-Cylinder
Displacement                                              998 cc
Bore & Stroke                                             73.0x 79.5 mm (2.87 x 3.13 in)
Full Throttle HP Range                                5,000 RPM – 6,000 RPM
HP Rating at Propshaft                               60HP @ 5,500 RPM
Induction Scavenging                                 SOHC
Valves Per Cylinder                                    4
Fuel Delivery                                               Programmed Electronic Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
Ignition System                                           Microcomputer Controlled
Starting System                                          Electric
Lubrication                                                 Wet Sump
Cooling System                                          Water Cooled
Alternator                                                   22 amp
Battery Charging Power                            17 amp
Trim Range                                                3-Stage: 7°, 13°, 21°
Tilt Range                                                  60°
Steering Angle (left-to-right)                      30° Remote / 50° Tiller


Gear Ratio                              2.07:1
Gear Shift                               F-N-R
Propeller                                Optional


Transom Height(s)                 (L) 521 mm / 20 in
(X) 648 mm / 25 in

Dry Weight                             (L) 108 kg / 239 lbs
(X) 115 kg / 253 lbs

*Dry weight does not include propeller, battery cables, motor oil, or gear case oil



Completely updated Lee Cat 900 to debut at the Johannesburg Boat Show

Lee Cat 900

Highly regarded Lee Cat Boat Builders in Port Alfred will be launching their completely updated Lee Cat 900 powered by twin Honda BF175HP outboards on the Honda Marine stand at the Johannesburg Boat Show. Some of the numerous upgrades featured on this very popular 9m walk-around offshore fishing vessel include a totally new hull design, a new highly efficient fuel system, as well as state of the art Lowrance navigational equipment.




Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve, Free State

Sterkfontein Dam

The 7 000-hectare water wonder in the Eastern Free State near Harrismith, known as the Sterkfontein Dam, is situated in a nature reserve with 12 000 hectares of conserved land offering wildlife, birding, boating, watersports, windsurfing and flyfishing with a magnificent view over the Drakensberg.
Looking after the reserve is its chief nature conservator, Mark Roods, who explains that the reserve offers several veld types over a distance of 20 kilometres. This is because the topography within this area ranges from 1 700 metres to 2 350 metres above sea level, while the rainfall gradient ranges from 720mm per year to 1 400mm near the Lesotho side of the reserve. Here you will find yellowwoods in the kloofs, springbok on the plains, black wildebeest, blesbok, mountain reedbuck and, if you’re lucky, an African wildcat.

With such an expanse of water available, the boating opportunities are endless from cruising to watersports to spectacular sundowner outings. Check directly with the Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve as to which launch sites would best suit your needs.
If you are a keen birdwatcher, then you’ll want to spend several days here, with 230 recorded species on offer, including the Cape vulture and the bearded vulture.

The flyfishing here ranks as one of the finest yellowfish hotspots in South Africa, offering a catch-and-release adventure where this freshwater fighter, renowned for its gameness, seriously challenges your skills.

Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve

If you’re a windsurfer, when the high winds blow here they will take you on a joy ride across this vast expanse of water, spanning approximately 7 000 hectares in this 19 000-hectare nature reserve. The Sterkfontein Dam is part of the Tugela-Vaal water transfer system that supplies the greater Gauteng province.

The accommodation in the reserve includes self-catering chalets (96 beds in total) and camping facilities, some with electrical points, others without. It’s solid, basic accommodation without frills and no restaurant, but the town of Harrismith is about 25 kilometres away, with all the provisions you need. For those who prefer more facilities there is a private resort called Qwantani on other side of the dam.
After a day on the water or exploring the reserve, there is little to beat putting a few coals on the braai and then sitting back and watching the twilight dance between the water and the mountains.

Travel Tips and Planning Info
Who to contact:

Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve for bookings

Tel: +27 (0) 58 622 3520/1093/3892
Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort

Tel: +27 (0)58 623 0882
Free State Tourism Authority

Tel: +27 (0) 51 411-4300

How to get here:

The Sterkfontein Dam is situated outside Harrismith in the eastern Free State. Access is from the R74 on the Oliviershoek Pass from KwaZulu-Natal and Harrismith. From Johannesburg, take the N3 towards Durban, turn off at the Harrismith sign. The journey takes about 4 hours.

Around the area:

Short drives from the Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve will bring you to places of interest such as the Basotho Cultural Village (55km) nestled in the heart of the Qwaqwa National Park, Camorhi Game Reserve, Golden Gate (60km) and Clarens (100km).

Get around:

You will need your own motor vehicle. If you wish to venture into the mountains from here, it’s preferable to use a 4×4.

Where to stay:

Stay in the chalets or camping facilities at the Sterkfontein Dam Nature Reserve or at Qwantani Berg and Bush Resort, a private resort on the opposite side of the dam to the provincial resort.


Honda Marine Durban launches their all-new Raptor 660 Forward Console

Honda Marine Durban's all-new Raptor 660 Forward Console powered by twin Honda BF90's

Last month’s Durban Boat Show was the setting for the launch of Honda Marine Durban’s all-new range of Raptor boats. Initially starting off with the 6.6m forward console model powered by twin Honda BF90HP outboards, the feedback from those lucky enough to test drive this impressive craft at the show was phenomenal, clearly confirming her place in this very popular sector of the market. Other Raptor models to come will include a 660 centre console, as well as 560, 510 and 490 forward and centre console models.

Raptor 660FC

As Honda Marine Durban Dealer Principal, Craig Wilson, says: “With the Raptor 660FC, twin Honda BF90’s is all you need, she planes with one engine whilst dragging the other, turns on her own axis without any cavitation and handles the following sea with ease. With so much space she’s the perfect boat for any fisherman, making her an absolute winner!”

As mentioned the complete Raptor line-up will include the following models:

Raptor 660 forward & centre console…..21.6′

Raptor 560 forward & centre console…..18.6′

Raptor 510 forward & centre console…..16.6′

Raptor 490 forward & centre console…..15.6′

At a later stage, Honda Marine Durban will also look at building some bigger units in the form of 820 (28 foot) and 730 (25 foot) Centre Console models, enabling them to offer a complete range.

Raptor 660FC

For more information on the Raptor range of boats contact Craig Wilson at Honda Marine Durban on Tel.: 031 305 8735



Pine Lake Marina upgrades their whole ‘guest experience’

The Team at Pine Lake Marina with their new acquisition

Pine Lake Marina, the spectacularly situated resort on the Swartvlei just outside Sedgefield in the Garden Route, has just purchased a Celebrity 21 foot speedboat powered by a Honda BF200HP outboard engine from Honda Marine Knysna. They needed a boat that would allow them to offer their guests watersports, cruising, sightseeing and sundowner opportunities, all powered by an outboard that would give performance, fuel efficiency and environmental advantages, so a Honda was their first choice!

With a boat package that now perfectly fits their resort profile, Team Leader and No.1 Skipper (3 Skippers are available at Pine Lake Marina in total), Randall Hartnick, will be ultimately responsible for the new craft.

Most importantly it will allow Pine Lake Marina to offer their guests an even better resort experience, as well as to take another important step in their quest to establish themselves as the watersports mecca of the Garden Route.



Honda Marine Port Alfred heads up the Kowie River Festival Flotilla

Port Alfred celebrating its 125th Birthday

In honour of the town of Port Alfred celebrating its 125th birthday next year, the Port Alfred Tourism Board recently staged a precursor to next year’s event, namely a Flotilla on the town’s popular Kowie River, as well as a parade through the streets of Port Alfred. Honda Marine Port Alfred participated in both, boasting an El Shadai Flamingo with a Honda BF200 in the street parade, and with Laurence Kemsley and Amy McLeod on an AquaQuad, powered by a BF20 Honda outboard, in the flotilla.

Laurence Kemsley and Amy McLeod on the Honda BF20 powered AquaQuad

Companies from in and around Port Alfred were invited to participate in the event, which saw large crowds gathering in the streets and along the river to watch. Honda Marine Port Alfred had by far the most interesting craft on show. They were also joined by some of the ever-increasing number of Honda-powered craft in Port Alfred, including the Halyards Hotel’s huge Spirit of Adventure luxury barge, powered by two Honda BF90 outboard engines.

The Flotilla gets underway

Although next year’s 125th Anniversary celebrations are expected to be significantly larger, the parade and flotilla is expected to become an annual event from now on.

“Port Alfred’s marine heritage is well documented,” said Laurence Kemsley of Honda Marine Port Alfred, “with both the tidal Kowie River and access to the sea underscoring this, and it is thus fitting that such anniversaries are celebrated via a flotilla involving all of the town’s boating people.”



The Linders just keep arriving at Honda Marine Somerset West…

The Linders are here...

For many the desire to get on the water must be supported by affordable, hassle-free boating options and that’s just what you get with a Honda-powered Linder Aluminium boat package. With this in mind another container of these highly practical and popular craft has just arrived at exclusive distributors, Honda Marine Somerset West.

Linder Sportsman 355

Linder, a Swedish company, manufactures small aluminium boats and canoes. It has an overall philosophy of building ‘smaller, cost-effective craft which are gentle on nature, and which will sustain the original environment for future generations’, a passion that shares much with Honda’s overriding thought process in manfacturing environmentally-friendly engines.

Honda BF50 powered Linder 460 Arkip

Linder aluminium boats are built with a freedom of simplicity in that they are stable, of a safe design and as a consequence seaworthy. Above all they’re light allowing them to be fast with much less horsepower required to power them.

Linder Sportsman 400

The advantages of aluminium are huge, not only is it one of the most common metals to be found in the earth’s crust, but it’s a very light metal, high in strength, maintenance-free and fully recyclable – what’s more it won’t rust in normal environments.

Honda Marine Somerset West offers the ‘Sportsman’ range of Linder Boats which is made up of the 355, 400 and 445 models. Varying in size from 3.5m to 4.5m, these are all planing boats which are designed for extra speed and can be used in lakes, rivers or coastal stretches.

Check out Linder’s website at: for more product details.

Contact Honda Marine Somerset West on Tel.: 021 851 7710 for more information.



HONDA BRIO SEDAN – All the zip and much more space!

Honda Brio Sedan

Just more than six months after the debut of Honda’s affordable and zesty Brio entry-level hatchback, the range is being extended with the addition of an equally dynamic and contemporary sedan version. The four-door sedan retains the Brio’s trademark bright and bold design language, linked to zippy performance, exceptional efficiency and compelling value. However, it adds the practicality of more interior space and a large luggage compartment to the successful Brio formula.

•    Subcompact sedan joins trend-setting Brio hatch in South Africa

•    Extended wheelbase provides roomy cabin and spacious boot

•    Lively and economical 1,2-litre i-VTEC engine retained

•    Exceptional safety and convenience features

More space, more practicality

By extending the Brio wheelbase by 55 mm, Honda’s engineers have achieved an even roomier cabin with exceptional rear legroom, while the generous boot has a 405 litre capacity.

That additional space and practicality will appeal to young families seeking a trendy and attractive car that is also affordable, economical and versatile, while benefiting from Honda’s exceptional track record as far as reliability and longevity are concerned.

Although slightly larger and significantly more spacious than the Brio hatchback, the Brio Sedan’s kerb mass has increased by only 30 kg, which means that it retains Brio’s zippy, energetic character.

Efficient, enthusiastic powerplant

Honda Brio Sedan

The sedan retains the Brio hatchback’s modern and economical 1,2-litre i-VTEC powerplant. The compact four-cylinder engine produces a generous 65 kW of maximum power at 6 000 r/min, accompanied by a torque peak of 109 Nm at 4 500 r/min.

Drive is to the front wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. An efficient five-speed automatic gearbox is also on offer in the Comfort model – an option that will be particularly appealing to urban commuters who have to regularly endure heavy traffic.

The Brio Sedan’s favourable power-to-weight ratio allows brisk dynamics, with a 0-100 km/h acceleration time in the mid-12 second bracket for the manual models. More importantly, fuel consumption is frugal, with a combined cycle figure as low as 6,1 l/100 km for the manual-gearbox Trend 1.2 model.

Roomy, comfortable cabin

Honda Brio Sedan interior

But it is the interior that is set to be the Brio’s star attraction. The front layout is identical to that of the hatch, with an ergonomic approach that prioritises occupant comfort and driver appeal.

The layout of the instrument dials and controls is intuitive, and generous equipment levels, even on the entry-level Trend model, ensure a high degree of comfort, while the even more luxurious Comfort model adds an extended features list.

New, wide-opening rear doors ensure easy access to the roomy rear bench seat, which features exceptional leg and headroom. A rear centre armrest with integrated cup holders adds a further touch of luxury.

Both active and passive safety are comprehensively addressed, with the likes of ABS brakes, dual front airbags and Honda’s Advanced Compatibility Engineering (ACE) body structure ensuring excellent occupant safety.

Two trim levels, two transmissions

Honda Brio Sedan - instruments

The Brio sedan will be offered in two model variants – the 1.2 Trend, available with a five-speed manual gearbox, and the 1.2 Comfort, offered with a choice of five-speed manual or five-speed automatic gearboxes.

“The Brio hatchback really took the market by storm when we launched in early December last year,” says Graham Eagle, director of automobiles at Honda Motor Southern Africa.

“It brought Honda’s famed quality and reliability within the reach of a broader audience, while introducing a vibrant energy and youthful appeal to the brand.”

Eagle says that while the hatch is specifically targeted at young and trendy motorists, many of them first-time buyers, the sedan extends the nameplate’s reach to include young, style-conscious families with an appetite for the four-door’s extra space and practicality.”

“Compact sedans are growing in popularity, and the expanded Brio range will provide an affordable, economical and visually vibrant option for young family buyers seeking a spacious, contemporary and well-equipped four-door saloon.

“We’re also extending the appeal of our Brio hatch with the addition of a new, entry-level Trend model to augment the exiting Comfort variant. We’re convinced that this will allow even more motorists to share in the Brio magic,” Eagle concluded.

Model range and pricing

Honda Brio Sedan - the ideal family car

The recommended retail pricing of the new Honda Brio Sedan is as follows:

1.2 i-VTEC Trend Manual           R128 900

1.2 i-VTEC Comfort Manual        R136 900

1.2 i-VTEC Comfort Automatic    R146 900

The prices include a two-year/30 000 km service plan, and a three-year/100 000 km warranty, while services are at 15 000 km intervals.



Honda picks Milton Keynes as site for Formula One operations
by Viknesh Vijayenthiran

The last F1 McLaren Honda which did rather well...

Honda has picked Milton Keynes in the U.K. for the site of its new Formula One operations. The British town is famous in the world of motorsport for being the home of Red Bull Racing, and soon Honda’s F1 engineers will call it home as well. Honda announced in May it would be returning to F1 in 2015 as an engine supplier, initially to the McLaren team which the Japanese firm famously powered during the 1980s and early ‘90s. McLaren’s Woking headquarters is only a short drive from Milton Keynes.

The new operations will serve as the frontline for Honda’s F1 operations and will be responsible for maintenance of the new engines and recovery units that will be supplied to McLaren. Honda will also base its trackside support operations from the Milton Keynes site.

Development and manufacture of the components, however, will take place at Honda’s main R&D center in Tochigi, Japan.

Importantly, engineers from Honda’s performance arm Mugen will also be based at the site. Though Mugen hasn’t built any credible performance cars in years, it’s expected to have a more prominent role going forward now that Honda is back in F1 and planning new sports cars like the 2015 NSX.

If that wasn’t enough, engineers working on Honda’s World Touring Car Championship campaign will also have an office at the site.

“With the confirmation of a new F1 operation base in U.K., our preparation to join F1 has become more specific and concrete,” Honda motorsport chief Yasuhisa Arai said in a statement. “To meet and exceed the expectations of our fans, we will accelerate our development to bring back the unique Honda engine sound onto the track.”



Honda’s Mean Mower at work

Honda's Mean Mower

What do you get if you take one lazy Sunday afternoon, 2012 British Touring Car Champion, Honda’s Gordon Shedden and the world’s fastest lawnmower capable of speeds up to 210km/h? Well here’s your answer……

Click here to view:

Honda's Mean Mower at work

As was mentioned in last month’s Newsletter, Top Gear and Honda have teamed up to tackle a motorsports speed record for a lawnmower.

The current lawnmower speed record is 96.5 miles per hour and it’s held by a fuel additive company called Gold Eagle. Honda and Top Gear are aiming quite a bit higher with a goal speed of 130 miles per hour/ 210km/h. To hit that target, the mower has been extensively modified. Its engine has been swapped out for the unit from a Honda motorcycle, and the tyres appear to have been snagged from one of its ATVs.

This mega mower also still needs to be able to cut grass. In order to accomplish that, the team had to attach brake cables to the underside to act as the blades since the original cutting equipment would no longer bolt up. How fast will it take to cut the lawn once this thing rolls out of the workshed? Well, early estimates peg the acceleration figure at 0-60 miles per hour in around four seconds…


My Journey – Where has your Honda taken you?

Where have you been lately?

ENTER the exciting new ‘My Journey – Where has your Honda taken you?’ global campaign.

Those hills are calling again...

Inspired by Jon’s 8-year journey from England to Japan in his Honda Civic (, there must be many stories of people making epic, special or adventurous journeys using Honda products, whether that be travelling five continents on a motorcycle, that special boat trip or climbing a mountain with the aid of a generator. It could just be that day or weekend trip where you and your Honda undertook or experienced a special journey.

Reliable power where you need it most...

Awesome prizes are on offer, so to enter the global campaign please share your ‘My Journey’ images, together with a brief story, a map (if relevant) and a Video link (if available) by tweeting #myjourney. Sign up to Twitter and get more entry information at:

Nothing can beat a cruise in the Knysna Heads...

You can also send the same ‘My Journey’ images and information to: for potential inclusion in this Newsletter, giving you the opportunity to win additional local prizes. We look forward to hearing from you…



Durban Boat Show proves to be a great success
by Clinton Lambert (Divisional Manager Honda Marine SA)

The Honda Dream Team were on hand to welcome all ...

The Honda Marine Team arrived in Durban on the Thursday before the Boat Show to gloomy, cloudy weather. As we drove into the city in our rental it started to drizzle, and I knew that today was going to be tricky. Cup of coffee at Honda Marine Durban with Dealer Principal Craig Wilson, and let’s face it, Craig seriously needs to get some decent coffee … Craig and I climbed in the Robalo R240 and took her from Wilsons Wharf to the Durban Marina. It was miserable out there as we rode alongside the Raptor 820 also on its way to the Boat Show mooring place.

Robalo R240 powered by twin Honda BF175HP outboards

We got to the boat display area, and Craig began to tell me how it took them 2 hours to tow the floating gazebo from Wilson’s Wharf to the Yacht Club. Our truck arrived with our prizes, brochures, reception counters, gazebo’s etc. We then discovered that our reception counters were too wide to fit though the gate leading down to the jetties…

On the slipway close to our on-water display area, there were the guys from Versadock assembling their floating display. They were kind enough to float our counters across the water to our display area. We then gave their floating dock a tow to their area. Thanks again guys!

By this stage the rain is pouring down, and the tide is on its way out … you can just imagine how slippery the slipway was! By the end of the day all the boats were in the water, and we were ready to rock n roll the next day.

Friday was still cool, but that did not stop the Durban locals from coming out to take a look at what was on offer at the show. The weather cleared and warmed up nicely on Saturday and Sunday.

The Honda Marine stand

Honda Marine ran a competition over the weekend, for simply filling in a newsletter subscription form, you stood the chance to win one of two 4kVa Honda generators. The competition was keenly taken on by the show visitors, it seems Eskom’s recent load shedding was a topic of discussion by many, and the thought of a standby generator turned many cold weather induced frowns upside down.

The Honda Dream Team were on duty as usual. Wanda, Chloe, Chanelle and Michelle handled the competition side of things while members from the Honda Marine Dealer Network handled sales enquiries. Michelle created quite a stir when visitors to the show found out that she is the reigning Miss Beach Bikini SA and Miss Beach Bikini Universe.
The best part about the DBN Show is being able to take people out for demo’s, either in the Bluff or if requested out to sea. The boat that attracted the most interest was Honda Marine Durban’s new 6.6m Raptor (cat) powered by twin BF90’s. When the local fishermen heard that a 21.6′ boat was being powered by two 90’s, they all wanted to go for a ride to see for themselves. Craig will be rolling this range of boats out in 21.6′, 18.6′ and 16.6′, we can’t wait to see what Erwin Bursik from Ski Boat Magazine has to say about this beauty.

We had dealers from Durban, Port Shepstone, Port Alfred, Klerksdorp and Johannesburg representing the brand at the show. Sales directly from the show were the best we have seen in four years. The best result of the show was the sale of the Raptor 820 Centre Console powered by twin BF175’s.
The Show attracted 10,500 visitors, the numbers were down compared to last year, but the East Coast Radio Home & Garden Show was on the same weekend. Also the Sharks playing at home on the Saturday afternoon really led to a quiet end to that day for the show exhibitors.

The all-new Raptor 660 Forward Console

One thing that we learnt from this year’s show was the unbelievable fear that Craig from HM Durban has for spiders. We strategically placed some rubber toy spiders on his Raptor boat, but it was not him that discovered the spiders, rather a customer who quickly asked Craig if the boat came standard with the spiders. It was interesting to see Craig’s whole body stiffen as he prepared to jump from the boat’s deck to the jetty. He then reached back to stabilise himself and his hand rested on the spider on the engine controls, which was then followed by a similar gasp that my 5-year old daughter makes when she gets a fright. We gave Craig a beer and he calmed down after a while, shame, I hope no one pranks him in the same way at the Johannesburg Boat Show…

We look forward to seeing you there – Johannesburg Boat Show, JHB Expo Centre, Nasrec, 8-11 August 2013.



Boating solutions for ALL from Honda Marine at the Johannesburg Boat Show

Chaparral 224 Xtreme

Honda Marine Southern Africa and their dealer network will once again have a major presence at the Johannesburg Boat Show to be held at the Johannesburg Expo Centre, Nasrec, from 8-11 August 2013. With a vast array of primarily Honda exclusive entry level to top end offshore and recreational boats on display, together with many of the Honda 4-stroke advanced technology outboard engines from 2 to 250HP, a visit to the Honda Marine stand is an absolute must, especially if you want to enter the exciting competition! The Honda Dream Team looks forward to welcoming you and your family onto the stand.

Some of the exciting offshore boats on display will be the Robalo R240 powered by twin Honda BF175’s, a 22ft Surfmaster also powered by twin BF90’s, a Benguela 17 with twin BF50’s and a Conqueror RIB with twin BF60’s. Also on view will be new boats from Lee Cat, Honda Marine Durban’s all-new Raptor 660 Forward Console powered by twin Honda BF90’s, as well as an exciting new 23ft monohull.

Conqueror RIB with twin Honda BF60HP outboards

Recreational boats will include the superbly crafted Chaparral 226 SSi and 224 Xtreme models from the USA, as well as some top quality local builds in the form of an Odyssey 650 (powered by a BF250), a Unity Sunsation 202 (powered by a BF150), as well as Avalanche 17, 19 and 23ft bowriders powered by BF90, BF150 and BF250 outboards respectively. The ever popular Aqualounge 27ft pontoon boat powered by a BF250 will also be present, as well as a couple of the exciting new Linder aluminium boats which offer a whole new boating solution.

Aqualounge 27 foot pontoon boat powered by a Honda BF250HP outboard

Throughout the show the Honda Dream Team will be running a competition whereby visitors to the stand merely have to complete a Honda Marine Newsletter Subscription Form giving them the opportunity to WIN one of two Honda 4kVa generators. In addition a live game fishing experience will also be taking a place on the stand, so whatever you do make sure you get down to Nasrec and pay Honda Marine a visit.