Honda Marine’s exciting all-new 80hp and 100hp outboards arriving in SA soon

All-new Honda BF100HP in action

Honda Marine SA has now confirmed that the first 80 and 100hp launch units will be arriving in SA in February, with dealers having initial stock on their showroom floors by the middle of March. A pair of both 80’s and 100’s will be tested in both Durban and Cape Town at regional dealer launches at the end of February where both Leisure Boating and Ski Boat magazines will be conducting comprehensive engine reviews.

The new BF80 and BF100 are set to provide new levels of performance in their sectors through their world renowned technologies and will strengthen the overall Honda Marine outboard line up. With their lightweight and compact design these new engines will provide optimum levels of performance whilst ensuring best fuel economy. The sleek streamline design fits and compliments any customer choice of boat, maximising their boating experience.

All-new Honda BF80HP in action

The new models make the very most of the many unique advanced Honda engine technologies for which the brand and its range is famed:

BLAST™ (Boosted Low Speed Torque)

Honda’s exclusive revolutionary BLAST™ technology adjusts air/fuel ratio and ignition-timing to boost engine horsepower and torque to provide rapid acceleration. The result is strong hole-shot performance to get the hull up on the plane more quickly. This patented technology in four-stroke engines is the benchmark for Honda outboards.

ECOmo™ (Economy Controlled Motor)

Honda’s proprietary Lean Burn Control technology uses sensors to monitor air/fuel ratio in cruising mode, adjusting it to achieve optimum fuel economy. Combined with Honda’s unique PGM-Fi™ (Programmed Fuel Injection) technology, the result is high fuel efficiency and low emissions.

VTEC™ (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control)

The new BF100 incorporates Honda’s exclusive VTEC™ system, providing optimum performance through the operating range, delivering smooth controlled power when you need it.
 Enhanced features to compliment the customer:

The new BF80 and BF100 offer a range of enhanced features to ensure optimum ease of use:

Trolling Control:

Firstly they offer Hondas trolling control, allowing precise slow speed with automatic adjustments in 50rpm increments, ideal for fishing and slow speed manoeuvres.

NMEA 2000 ® connectivity:

Both outboards are also fully compliant with NMEA 2000® allowing simplified connectivity to other NMEA 2000® devices.

The new models also allow the customer to purchase as an option, the new Honda digital NMEA 2000® compliant multi-function gauges. These are designed to provide simplified and standardised connectivity on board and to give vital engine information to the operator. The Honda gauges display information on key functions including engine rpm, trim angle, maintenance reminders, engine temperature, battery charge levels, oil pressure and engine management. These new gauges also feature Honda’s unique ‘Eco Light’ which informs the boat operator when the engine is in ECOmo / lean burn mode, and therefore at its most fuel efficient.

With the incorporation of NMEA 2000® connectivity the customer is able to install an increasingly wide variety of sophisticated electronic equipment, such as GPS systems, chart plotters and fish finders.

The Honda Marine line up from BF40 to the BF250 is now fully NMEA 2000® compliant.



Sea Rescue experience busy festive season

ALWAYS wear your kill switch

Sea Rescue responded to 131 emergencies over the holiday season ( 1 December up to 14 January) during which period their volunteer crews rescued 132 adults and 11 children.

Tragically, of the calls that NSRI responded to, 20 adults and 11 children lost their lives. Thirteen of these deaths were in rip currents.

A number of these tragic incidents during the holidays could have been avoided. Rip currents are extremely dangerous … but when you know what is happening, how to avoid the danger and who to call in an emergency it can save a life.

Watch the video explaining everything about rips here:

Apart from the rips … two causes of serious injury and death were people not wearing lifejackets (it is often impossible to put a lifejacket on when you most need it) and skippers not wearing kill switches.

In a relaxed holiday mood it is easy to go out in a boat and be slack about these two basic safety precautions.

Please spend a few seconds thinking what could happen if you … the skipper … are thrown out of a boat traveling at speed and you have not attached the kill switch and are not wearing a life jacket.



No failed engines for Honda on successful Dakar Rally return

Helder Rodrigues

The Rally Dakar 2014 has run its course. It was a fight to the finish for the TEAM HRC riders as the 36th edition of the world’s toughest race drew to a close. Hélder Rodrigues finished the highest of the Honda riders in fifth place, with Joan Barreda in seventh with five stage victories under his belt. All the Honda CRF450 RALLYs finished the gruelling rally with the same engines, signalling a huge success for the brand and highlighting the machine’s great potential.

Fifth overall place in the Rally Dakar went to Hélder Rodrigues. The Portuguese rider nearly went from zero to hero aboard the Honda CRF450 RALLY, beginning the opening days with stomach problems and still having the chance of a podium place on the last day.

Joan Barreda last night arrived back at the bivouac in La Serena exhausted after finishing the 349 km liaison thanks to the help of another rider who accompanied him back to the camp. Barreda had taken a heavy fall at kilometer 265 of the special, where the front end of his Honda CRF450 RALLY received some heavy damage. The rider was forced to stop and check the state of the different navigation components before hitting the road again. Nevertheless, in trying to make up for lost time, he fell again, this time causing an electrical problem, which required him to seek assistance from a fellow-rider.

Today, after the mechanics fixed up the damaged bike parts, Joan Barreda was off again, storming home to victory once more. The rider from Castellón, Spain has now chalked up a total of five victories, and finishes in seventh overall position.

Javier Pizzolito finished his fifth Dakar. The Argentine rider proved himself to be consistent in the latter part of the race, finishing two stages in the top ten. The ‘water carrier’ of Hélder Rodrigues finished the rally in 23rd place.

Sam Sunderland, the winner of the second stage, was forced out of the race in the fourth round after a fall which broke the exhaust, causing overheating and meant that he was unable to finish the marathon stage.

Portuguese Paulo Gonçalves finished three times in the top ten over the course of the first four days, but on a dreadfully tough fifth day some dry shrubs got caught up in his exhaust and set the bike on fire in dramatic fashion. He could only watch helplessly as the flames engulfed the machine.

TEAM HRC is enormously satisfied with the job done by riders Laia Sanz and Pablo Rodríguez from Honda Argentina Rally Team, and Jean DeAzevedo from Honda Brasil Rally Team. Laia Sanz finished in seventh, the best stage finish for a female in the Dakar, and 14th overall on the Honda CRF450 RALLY pre-production model that will be available to rally riders later in 2014. Pablo Rodríguez improved in the final stages finishing in 32nd place. Jean DeAzevedo had to retire in the fourth stage after an incident where the sump took a heavy hit from a rock.

Laia Sanz: “As the race went on I started to realize that I was further ahead than I had expected. I was very surprised to find myself up against people that before I hadn’t seen. I had a problem one day with a waypoint but for the rest I’ve been very consistent and I’m pleased about it”.

Pablo Rodríguez: “I’m very happy. It has been a very tough race but we’ve managed to finish. The bike was excellent and caused no trouble at all. I was able to come back in a couple of stages and do a good job. You’ve got to learn from some mistakes and keep looking to improve things”.

Joan Barreda, SS13 1st 01:59:44, 7th in the Overall :
“Today is the last day of the Dakar. For us it feels tough because I lost a lot of time with a problem after a fall at kilometer 200 But today I was back in the saddle like a pro, and I did a really good job in the special. In the end it wasn’t the result that we were working for in the Dakar. Well, now it’s time to go home and try to get to grips with what happened, how and where we went wrong and see how we can sort them out for next year. ”

Helder Rodrigues, SS13 3rd +01’23 5th in the Overall :
“The Dakar has finished and it’s been the hardest one that I’ve done yet. Honda has proved that it’s got a great bike. No one has had to change their engine even once in the two weeks of racing and that’s really important for us. I had a few problems last week, but nothing significant. I lost a bit of time, but the second week went better. I didn’t achieve my goal, but am happy to finish another Dakar. ”

Javier Pizzolito, SS13 20th +11’53, 23rd in the Overall :
“One more Dakar over. It’s not to be sniffed at! Maybe it wasn’t the general standings that we were hoping for, or the individual or collective ones either. It’s been a year of hard work where we’ve put together a really competitive bike with a lot of promise. I started the Dakar with a lot of problems in the third stage. But I was able to overcome them a lot better than my rivals..”

Dakar Rally – Stage 13

Rank Rider (Team)


#3 Joan Barreda (Honda) 01:59:44


#6 Olivier Pain (YAMAHA) +00:00:40


#7 Helder Rodrigues (Honda) +00:01:23


#23 Juan Pedrero (SHERCO) +00:01:35


#1 Cyril Despres (YAMAHA) +00:02:30


#50 Laia Sanz (Honda) +00:09:15


#14 Javier Pizzolito (Honda) +00:11:53


#46 Pablo Rodriguez (Honda) +00:19:26

Dakar Rally – Unofficial overall classification

Rank Rider (Team)


#2 Marc Coma (KTM) 54:50:53


#4 Jordi Viladoms (KTM) +01:52:27


#6 Olivier Pain (YAMAHA) +02:00:03


#1 Cyril Despres (YAMAHA) +02:05:38


#7 Helder Rodrigues (Honda) +02:11:09


#3 Joan Barreda (Honda) +02:54:01


#50 Laia Sanz (Honda) +08:03:02


#14 Javier Pizzolito (Honda) +09:34:32


#46 Pablo Rodriguez (Honda) +12:57:04




Honda confident about new twin-turbo IndyCar engine

Simon Pagenaud testing the new Honda twin-turbo engine at Sebring

With all IndyCar Series engines now required to have twin turbochargers from this year onward, one would figure that Honda, which had previously ran a single-turbo powerplant over the last two years, is at a disadvantage against Chevrolet, which has been using a twin-turbo since its return to IndyCar in 2012.

But in an interview with, Honda Performance Development technical director Roger Griffiths says that the time spent with the single-turbo has given Honda a “really good insight” into how to go about developing its new twin-turbo, which has already been tested twice on the road course at Sebring and on the oval at Fontana this off-season.

Furthermore, Griffiths says that the new engine is already stacking up nicely against the 2013-spec single-turbo, which helped take Scott Dixon to his third IndyCar championship.

“We had evolved the 2013 spec engine with a single turbo to a very high level of development so we had a very high bar that we had set for ourselves in terms of drivability and response and those kinds of things,” he said.

“We were pleasantly surprised by the rate at which we reached the same sort of level of performance with the 2014 engine given that it was all kind of new.”

Griffiths also gave credit to Simon Pagenaud from Honda-powered Schmidt Hamilton Motorsports. The French driver, who finished third in last year’s standings, took time after Thanksgiving to meet with HPD engineers and provide them with feedback.

“Our guys could come back from a test and say, ‘OK, these are the top five complaints and what needs fixed.’ But it’s our translation of what the driver is saying to the design engineers,” Griffiths explained.

“Sitting down with 10 of our young engineers, they quickly get past the shock of an IndyCar driver sitting down with them in the meeting room and it’s just another person trying to do a job. They’re hearing from the person driving the car what they want. It really helps our relationship with the drivers. Simon gave us some good pointers.”

After losing the last two IndyCar manufacturers’ championships to Chevrolet, it’s clear that Honda is doing all it can to wrest the title away from the Bowtie in 2014.

As for Chevy’s view, their programme manager, Chris Berube, told that while they saw advantages in both the single and twin turbo engines, they went with the latter because “[they] believed there was a better application of that.”

Now, as his company enters its third season after re-entering open-wheel competition, Berube feels that their experience with the twin-turbo will give them an early-season edge.

“I think we have a good understanding of the twin turbo application and that in itself will be an advantage initially,” he said.


Chaparral H2O 21 Ski & Fish: A High Value Entry-Level Boat (courtesy of

Chaparral H20 21

We are often asked how to save money on boats, and our answer is always the same – get the right boat first, not on the second or third stab. The H2O 21 Ski & Fish is a good example of just what we mean. Even though the H20 line is a “value” series because it’s built by a premium builder, new boaters are less likely to be disappointed once they get their sea legs and learn more. Chaparral has built her with more than just the basics. Finally, if the owner decides fishing is not his game, the boat is ready for towing sports

To read the whole review on the Chaparral H20 21 click on the link:


Back to work but don’t forget all about your boat…
After a few weeks of relaxation and leisure on your boat over the season, now is the time to ensure that you maximize upon your weekend boating time throughout the rest of the year. Make sure you use it more often and are constantly exploring new boating venues and destinations.

Just because she’s kept down at the holiday home or kept in storage, doesn’t mean that you can’t tow her home with you and get usage out of her at your home base. Alternatively if this isn’t an option then you’ll just have to get down to the holiday home more often.

If an opportunity to explore presents itself when you’re in the car, on the motorbike or the mountain bike, more often than not you’ll give it a go. So why not do that with your boat, check out all the nearby boating venues and launch sites and go and have a look, try somewhere different and explore new waterways and broaden your boating possibilities.

Make sure that your boat is always in a state of readiness for use through regular servicing, basic checks, battery charged if required, so that it can be launched at a moment’s notice.

Encourage your family to learn new boating skills and to try new things, whether it’s waterskiing, wakeboarding or tubing. If they’re over 16 years old, motivate them to take a Skipper’s course so that they too can experience being at the helm first hand.

Invite your friends and spend quality time on the water away from the norm – “Braaing is great, but boating is better”, as Lieutenant William Bligh once said to his crew on HMS Bounty when they started to take too much of a liking to life on Tahiti..!

Subject to your boating location, always consider broadening the possibilities even further. Fishing is a great bonding option to do with the kids and friends, just make sure that you’ve got the right permits for both fishing and bait collection (if required) and that you’ve got some ‘insider’ advice from the local Fishing store.

Sometimes there is nothing better than to anchor up in a picturesque spot and just relax. If that’s too quiet then take a snorkel and some flippers, after that it’s off to dive school to get some proper training in taking the underwater scuba experience to the next level in a safe and responsible manner.

If currently you have a Category R ‘Restricted’ Skipper’s license for sheltered and inland waters, then maybe it’s time to upgrade to an offshore license to broaden your own boating skills and to extend your present boating boundaries. Certainly going out to sea can open the doors to a whole new world of boating opportunity and adventure, so why not remove any restrictions in your way and go deeper, you’ll never look back!

With being on, in or near the water on a more regular basis being the first prize, it’s maybe time to try some completely new options. Kayaking is a wonderful way to experience the water in a relaxing and healthy way, allowing you to venture places that bigger craft might not allow.

Have you ever been sailing? Well maybe it’s time to go have some Beginner’s lessons at your local inland or coastal sailing club. That in itself will broaden your ‘on the water’ options and overall experience, whilst at the same time bringing you into contact with like-minded people. Before you know it, you’ll be crew on some bigger yacht doing things you had never dreamed of.

For more information or assistance with any of the above, pay a visit to your local Honda Marine dealer and let them share their specific regional experience with you.