Honda Marine Knysna customizing boats to meet specific owner requirements
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Choosing the right boat and Honda engine package to match the desired usage application is critical, but then it’s a case of adding quality finishes and equipment to specifically meet the individual needs of each and every customer.

At Honda Marine Knysna this attention to detail is what makes them stand out in terms of providing customers with their optimum boating package. The most recent offering is a stunning 6.5m Falcon RIB powered by twin all-new Honda BF100 outboards with Teak flooring, an aluminium frame T-Top, Hydraulic Steering, an impressive Windlass, and a host of NMEA 2000 compliant equipment ranging from the Honda digital instruments to the Lowrance Elite Hybrid Dual Imaging Fishfinder and Chartplotter and the Fusion Sound System.

Final rigging and fitment touches are underway with this super vessel to take to the water shortly, without doubt with a very happy new owner at the helm.

For boat package and customization enquiries contact Dave Hoets at Honda Marine Knysna on Tel.: 044 382 4090


Raptor 660 Forward Console proving to be a winner for Honda Marine Durban
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Following their launch at the Durban Boat Show eighteen months ago, Honda Marine Durban’s new range of Raptor boats are proving to be much in demand. Having only read a review in the local Ski-Boat magazine, Tobie was so impressed that he called Honda Marine Durban’s Dealer Principal, Craig Wilson, and placed his order without hesitation.

The full Raptor range consists of 6.6m forward and centre console models, together with 560, 510 and 490 options, all available in both forward and centre console configurations. The latest additions are the 820 (28 foot) and 730 (25 foot) Centre Console models, enabling Honda Marine Durban to now offer a comprehensive range of Raptor Boats in a variety of lengths in this very popular market category.

For more information on the Raptor range of boats contact Craig Wilson at Honda Marine Durban on Tel.: 031 305 8735


Honda Marine Somerset West win exclusive marketing rights to an all-new revolutionary in its class, super strong and incredibly light construction 25ft CAT – Coming SOON, watch this space for more details…
DEALER NEWS-HM Som West-25ft CAT Teaser2

The prototype of this exciting new 25ft CAT will be water tested in early March, she promises to revolutionize her class due to her super strong and incredibly light construction meaning that far smaller and more fuel efficient motors can be used on her.
DEALER NEWS-HM Som West-25ft CAT Teaser1

More information and feedback to follow in the Honda Marine MARCH 2015 Newsletter.


Dealer Principal of Honda Marine Knysna further supporting the Honda Brand both on the Road as well as on the Water with his new Honda Grom town runabout which was MotoUSA’s 2014 Bike of the Year

Dave with his Honda From

Dave with his Honda Grom

As Dave Hoets says, “It’s easy to ride, incredibly nippy and quick off the mark from standstill, making it the perfect mode of transport on which to get around a bustling town and avoid potential delays and traffic. I’m super impressed with the Honda Grom!”

Check out the Motorcycle USA story on the Honda Grom below… 

Motorcycle of the Year 2014: Honda Grom
By Motorcycle USA Staff

Sometimes simple is better. That’s the case with the Honda Grom 125. But how can a bike that tops out at just over 100kph/60mph and makes less than 10 horsepower rank as MotoUSA’s bike of the year? Two reasons: it’s fun, and anyone with the coordination to pedal a pushbike can probably ride it.

Sporting nothing but the basics, the Grom sources a push-button electric start and fuel-injected air-cooled Single, mated to a slick-shifting four-speed transmission and feathery smooth manual clutch. The little Grom is a better looking version of Honda’s popular CT and ST mini-bikes from the ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s. A halogen headlamp, LED tail light, turn signals, mirrors and a license plate make it street legal.

The Grom’s as easy on the eyes as it is on fuel, delivering a range in excess of 160kms/100 miles on a single tank of gas. Acceleration is peppy enough to outpace most cars from traffic lights and a pair of disc brakes provide ample stopping power when those lights change from green to red.

With a wheelbase measuring under four feet and a 84kgs/225-pound curb weight, the Grom offers the nimbleness of a small scooter, jetting around town with greater agility than more powerful (and expensive) street bikes. Plus it requires minimal room in the garage and is simple to park in even the most crowded cities. It may not be the flashiest, or the fastest, but for pure fun and care-free rides the Honda Grom is the best value on the market.
IMG_2172 copy

For more information on the Honda Grom contact Dave Hoets at Honda Marine Knysna on Tel.: 044 382 4090


T-Craft’s Ally-Gator 430SE proving much in demand through exclusive distributor Honda Marine Knysna

Ally-Gator 430SE

Ally-Gator 430SE

T-Craft is a leading supplier of aluminium work/ patrol/ commercial/ tourism inland water boats on the African continent.

Their success in the commercial market is well known with T-Craft boats being the brand of choice in most of the 5-Star Safari Lodges across Africa and are also regularly purchased by the United Nations, Petroleum Companies, Fish Farms, Conservation, Police and Defense Departments as well as Mining and Construction Companies where they have earned a reputation for quality of build and toughness.

It became evident during the 2014 National Boat Show and via ongoing liaison with Honda Marine Knysna that there was a need for a tough hull designed for the leisure market. As a result of the multiple enquiries received, T-Craft are now applying their highly respected build philosophy to a range of purpose designed leisure boats, thereby offering the sportsman a boat that is tough enough to tackle the wilds of Africa with styling, and one that will turn heads.

The most recent arrival to their impressive range of aluminium boats is the T-Craft ALLY-GATOR 430SE

ALLY-GATOR 430SE – Specifications:

Hull 5 degree Mono Hull
Designer Ocean Legacy Marine
Length (overall) 4 300 mm
Beam 1  800 mm
Hull Bottom Gauge 3 mm Marine Grade Aluminium
Deck Gauge 3.5mm Marine Grade Aluminium Tread Plate
Recommended Propulsion HP 30 – 50HP Honda Outboard Motor

ALLY-GATOR 430SE Standard Features


The hull bottom is fabricated from 3mm chine reinforced marine grade aluminium plates – compare this to most of the imported boats of this size and you will see that these hull plates are between 50 and 100% thicker!

Whilst the main function of the reinforcing chines, in this area, is to stiffen the bottom of the boat they also provide a number of other benefits:

  • The hull plates become self-supporting reducing the need for thicker plate competitor boats need up to 30% thicker hull plates to achieve the same strength.
  • The proprietary angles create planning surfaces that assist the hull to start planing at lower speeds resulting in reduce fuel usage.
  • At speed, air is introduced under the hull reducing friction and softening the ride.  In tight turns these chines act as multiple keels helping the boat “grip” the water.
  • When beaching on soft sand or mud the chines help break the vacuum effect, between the bottom plates and the sand/mud, making it easier to re-launch.


The sides are fabricated from 3mm marine grade aluminium plates.

The sides are equipped with reinforcing chines that:

  • Stiffen the sides removing the need for unsightly and inconvenient/cluttering internal supporting structures.
  • Act as built-in rubbing strakes reducing damage to the boat when it comes alongside other vessels, jetties etc.
  • Are angled in such a way that the boat will not “hook” on protruding obstructions.


The gunwales are fabricated from preformed 2mm marine grade aluminium plate providing a number of advantages insomuch that the gunwales:

  • Are self-supporting, removing the need for unsightly and inconvenient/cluttering internal supporting structures.
  • Have storage cut-outs for the covenant storage of small items.
  • Form a strong anchor point to which seats and canopies can be bolted without fear of them coming adrift.


The KINGFISHER transom has been specifically developed to accommodate the modern powerful Honda 4-stroke motors which are mounted on reinforced out-mounts. The advantages of this mounting method are numerous and include:

  • The motor mounting bolts do not penetrate the hull thereby removing the potential for leaks.
  • The motor is outside of the hull itself and therefore does not take up any deck space even when tilted.
  • The motor can be mounted higher thereby reducing the overall draft of the vessel.
  • The disturbed water coming off the trailing edge of the hull is well forward of the propeller allowing the propeller to run in clean water and thereby being more efficient.

The motor out-mounts are not attached to the transom plate but rather to a heavy duty space frame inside the boat. This ensures that the thrust from the motor is efficiently transferred to the hull and stops transom flex that is found in many competitors’ designs. It is transom flex that commonly results in cracks and weld failures at the stern of a non T-Craft boat.

Either side of the motor out-mounts are buoyancy filled steps. These steps support the mass of the motor and prevents the vessel from laying low in the water, at the stern, when at rest. Vessels that are low at the stern commonly take water over the transom, especially in choppy water or from the wakes of passing boats.

These steps also assist passengers boarding and are a very convenient platform for working on the motor/s or checking/cleaning the propeller.

Attached to the transom, forward of the motor out-mounts, is a further buoyancy cell ensuring the stern of the boat has more than ample reserve buoyancy.


No compromise is made in this area as “soft” deck plates will dramatically reduce the lifespan of the boat and can result in injury to passengers. The ALLY-GATOR 430SE as standard is equipped with a 3.5mm marine grade aluminium tread plate deck that is securely attached to a sub-deck space frame.

The tread pattern creates a no-slip surface and may be left in a mill finish or can be optionally covered either with rot resistant carpeting or SeaDek sheeting.


Other than the previously mentioned 3x buoyancy cells situated at the stern of the boat, reserve buoyancy is achieved by the installation of Sondor XPS33 foam in all the voids under the deck. This buoyancy medium is imperious to all hydrocarbons (fuels, oils etc.) and does not draw water – a common problem found in older buoyancy mediums.

Such is the durability of XPS33 foam that we can offer a Lifetime Buoyancy Certificate with the boat – it will never need to be checked or replaced for the lifetime of the boat. Standard ISOFOAM buoyancy systems need to be inspected every 5-years – a costly process that requires the deck to be lifted.

It should be noted that only SAMSA (South African Maritime Safety Authority) approved buoyancy systems are utilized by T-Craft.

Jump Seats

As standard the KINGFISHER is equipped with Jump Seats in the two aft corners. These convenient, lockable storage compartments are fitted with a comfortable cushion and each are able to accommodate 3 x 20 liter fuel cans. A durable rubber grommet is fitted through which the fuel lines pass.

Helm Console  

The standard aluminium helm console is an ergonomically designed unit fitted with a PVC hatch*. The angled helm mounting plate ensures a comfortable steering position with ample space for engine instrumentation and the internal shelf is convenient for stowing valuable items.

*The PVC console hatch can be replaced with an aluminium door at no extra cost.

Battery and Battery Box

The starting battery, in its ventilated PVC battery box, can be located in the Helm Console under the storage shelf. All control cables and wiring pass from the console via sub deck conduits protecting the cables/wiring and ensuring a clean and safe deck.

Anchor Locker

Situated under the bow plate is a sizable anchor locker accessed by an aluminium hatch. Any water from a wet anchor/chain/rope will drain down to the bilge pump pick-up stopping corrosion and rope rot. A convenient securing eye is welded inside of the locker.

Foredeck Lockers

3x convenient lockable stowage lockers are situated in the foredeck area providing ample space to securely stow lifejackets, 2-piece rods, fishing tackle etc.

Hand Rails

Full length 25 mm square handrails are provided on both sides of the boat. These provide security for passengers and are strong enough to use as securing points when mooring the vessel.


The boat is equipped with a complete with a Vetus CHCW Helm seat with adjustable slider and folding backrest plus a standard Crew Stowage seat fitted forward or the helm console.

The cushions and backrests consist of 50 mm closed cell foam (which does not hold water or rot) mounted on 12mm Marine Ply and covered with high quality vinyl. All screws and staples are stainless steel ensuring no corrosion of the fasteners or unsightly rust stains.

Optional cushions are also available for the Jump Seats

Bilge Pump

Manual – a Lalizas manual diaphragm bilge pump delivering 1-liter per stroke will be fitted into the starboard jump seat. The pickup pipe will be plumbed to the bilges just forrad of the transom and the discharge pipe will be routed through the gunwale to a through-hull port on the starboard side of the transom.

Option automatic 12vDC bilge pumps are available on request


The hull and fabrication thereof will be covered by OLM’s standard 12-month HDB warrantee against any construction defects or defective workmanship. T-Craft also offer a 1 year structural warranty on the Hull Deck and Bulkhead materials.

Motors, Pumps, Trailers and Safety Equipment all other items fitted to the hull are covered by a direct original supplier’s OEM warrantees which are valid for a 12-month period from date of acquisition.


Certificates and manuals that will be provided:

  • Builders Certificate
  • Buoyancy Certificate
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Motor Manual (if applicable)