Honda Generator Stock Update

Honda EU65is Generator

Honda EU65is Generator

Due to the ongoing problems besetting Eskom’s infrastructure Honda Motor Southern Africa has been inundated with demands for generators for home and office use. Unfortunately, we are in a position where we currently have no stock available of any model Honda generator.

This is due to the superior advanced technology of Honda generators which offer a multitude of benefits from consistent quality power output, fuel efficiency, long run time, to durability, reliability, quiet operation and ease of use, all of which have been recognized by a very discerning public resulting in over-demand.

We have ordered additional stock which will be arriving in South Africa over the next couple of months. Honda Power Equipment dealers who have ordered generator stock in advance will be first to receive the incoming units.

To place your name on a waiting list, you can contact a Honda Power Equipment dealer close to you, please follow the link for contact details for your nearest Honda Power Equipment Dealer:






French fishing boat specialist Guymarine is to bring three new models to the market in 2015, with an exclusive UK specification and solely powered by Honda

Honda powered Guymarine

Honda powered Guymarine Antioche 700

The new models see the Guymarine range extend to seven metres, with the introduction of the Antioche 600, 650 and 700. The boats all feature a ‘Chalutier’ style wheelhouse, well suited to the UK market as it affords far better visibility in rain, with water efficiently washing off the screen. Key features of the new models are as follows:

– Highflex hydraulic steering

– Choice of blue or grey colour hull

– Double-skinned wheelhouse area

– High pressure deck washing system

– Stainless steel rod holders

– Steel rub rail/keel band

– Increased rod storage

– Robust folding seats and cushions in cabin area

– Exterior wooden bench

– Drinks holders

All Guymarine fishing boats sold in the UK are equipped exclusively with Honda outboards, the result of a strategic partnership between Honda (UK) and Guymarine which has recently been extended by a further two years. The partnership is part of Honda (UK)’s boatbuilder alliance programme, which sees Honda working with a small number of premium manufacturers to offer the complete ‘turnkey’ boat packages which UK customers are increasingly looking for. Guymarine is regarded by Honda as an ideal partner due to its strong and long-established reputation for innovative design and exceptional build quality, delivering the high standards that Honda customers have come to expect.

Guymarine - Antioche 700 HB Chalutier

Guymarine – Antioche 700 HB Chalutier

Handmade by craftsmen on the Isle d’Oleron, near La Rochelle, Guymarine boats are 100% French-built to the highest standards. A team of 30 currently manufacture around 120 boats each year.

Steve Morris, Head of Power Equipment for Honda (UK), comments: “Our partnership with Guymarine has been very successful and these new UK specification boats are the result of Guymarine listening and responding to feedback from both customers and dealers in order to further develop interest and sales of its boats in the UK. Our boatbuilder alliance programme aims to offer complete boating solutions and we work with who we consider to be the best partners in the market to deliver the very best product to our customers.”

The new Antioche 600, 650 and 700 will be sold exclusively through selected Authorised Honda dealers – those with the capability, capacity and expertise to sell and support the new boats – from January 2015. All three models will enjoy Guymarine’s six-year hull warranty.



Some tips to buying the right Honda outboard engine for your specific boating usage applications
MAIN 4When you buy a new boat and are looking for the right Honda outboard engine with which to power it, you can follow some relatively simple criteria to ensure that you maximize upon the potential of your overall boat package.

  1. Your local Honda Marine dealer will be able to give you good advice in terms of the best power options for your individual boat based on the boat builder’s specifications. This will immediately narrow it down to a minimum and a maximum recommended horsepower rating.
  1. One should remember that the engine size and weight increases with horsepower and that this will have a bearing on how the boat sits in the water (additional weight on the stern). It will give you more performance, but it may also affect the overall handling and manoeuvrability of the boat.
    HMSA NEWS-Tips to buying the right Honda engine3
  1. If you’re going to be doing a lot of watersports, it’s probably a good idea to go for the maximum recommended horsepower engine.
  1. Ensure that you have the correct propeller fitted for your specific application needs. Small incremental differences in the diameter and pitch of your propeller can make a big difference in performance. Discuss your propeller size options with your local Honda Marine dealer.
  1. Price is obviously very important, the higher the horsepower the more that it will cost, so don’t go bigger than what you really need.
    HMSA NEWS-Tips to buying the right Honda engine1
  1. If budgets are tight, don’t discount the used market, as there are some very big savings to be made here, however check, see, and preferably test the engine before you follow this road. If you’re not technically inclined then try and involve a friend who is, otherwise this route can get hazardous and you’d be better off going for a new engine.






When boating this festive season play your part in ensuring the health of our oceans and waterways for generations to come

SANParks researching the health of the eco-fragile Knysna lagoon

SANParks researching the health of the eco-fragile Knysna lagoon

From a global perspective, humankind since the earliest recorded history has been dependent on the world’s oceans for the provision of food, employment and valuable trade commodities, as well as to meet recreational, cultural and spiritual needs.

Once regarded as an inexhaustible source of fish and seafood, it is now recognised that the oceans are undergoing dramatic ecological changes primarily due to human actions. Following recent trends of overexploitation, global fisheries are at risk of biological and economic collapse with largely unknown long-term consequences for the health of our planet.

Around the world, however, fishers, conservationists, scientists and managers are taking action to mitigate previous unsustainable practices, ensuring the health of our oceans for generations to come. We too however, can play our part purely by sticking to the rules of the waters that we travel upon, whether it’s just by observing no wake zones to protect fragile ecosystems or by adhering to the given fishing quotas for specific areas. It may not seem of major consequence, but each and every individual action adds up to the greater whole.

It is only through a combination of a multitude of approaches that the vision of rebuilding fish stocks, conservation of natural resources and sustainable use of marine resources will be realised, in turn allowing us to pass on these benefits to future generations.

All at Honda Marine wish you safe and happy boating this festive season.