Honda Motor Southern Africa has moved to new offices and warehouse facility in Midrand
HMSA NEWS-Honda has moved office
Honda Motor Southern Africa has just moved to new offices and warehouse facility in the Maxwell Office Park in Midrand, just around the corner from their previous premises.

Their new contact details are as follows:   Telephone (Main Board): 011 058 1100/ Fax Line: 011 058 1200

Their new address is: Building 6, Maxwell Office Park, Magwa Crescent West, Waterfall City 2090/ GPS: 26.0135S, 28.103E

Their Postal address remains the same: PO Box 7179, Halfway House, Midrand 1685


Needing to run on a daily basis in extreme weather and altitude conditions, Highlands Trout chose Honda outboards to power their diverse fleet of operational vessels
By David Churches – Operations Manager – Highlands Trout Farm
Highlands Trout is a Lesotho based commercial fish farm operating in Katse Dam and currently produces 1250T of Rainbow trout per annum. Highlands Trout was faced with a difficult decision when trying to decide on which outboard engines it would use for its boats. After a lot of investigation they decided to use Honda engines given their excellent fuel economy, environmental friendliness and reliability. All the farm’s boats are fitted with Honda outboards from the small 15HP up to the larger 135HP.
Reliability of the engines is the most important factor for Highlands Trout since is it very remotely located and the boats are required for critical operation such as taking feed out to the cages, moving fish, performing mooring operations and towing harvest cages. All of these operations take place in a harsh environment approx. 2000m above sea level. These engines are required to work hard every day of the week even in the extreme winter cold where temperatures can drop to a numbing -15C.
To date the engines have clocked around 2000hrs each and are still performing flawlessly.

For more information on Highlands Trout go to:


A blue factory demo Honda Aquatrax F-15X Personal Water Craft (PWC) is still available at a special price of R110 000 (incl.VAT). For details and specifications…

Honda Aquatrax F-15X

With a turbocharged 1470cc engine plus a hull engineered for a superior ride, better feel on the water and great splash protection, the Honda AquaTrax® F-15X serves as the perfect choice for on-the-water fun.

Unique Features

  • Multifunction meter indicates approximate remaining ride time in minutes.
  • Honda Ignition Control System (ICS) protects the engine from abnormal operating conditions but can allow the rider to operate the PWC in reduced power mode.
  • Gear-driven dual engine-balancer system virtually eliminates high-frequency engine vibration.
  • Crankcase breather system featuring three breather chambers prevents oil loss or breather-system clogging if the PWC is accidentally overturned.
  • AquaTrax hull design provides excellent overall stability and exceptional low- and high-speed turning performance without sacrificing low-speed manoeuvrability.
  • Lightweight, liquid-cooled, DOHC, 16-valve, 1470cc, fuel-injected, 200-bhp, turbocharged, dry-sump, four-cylinder engine features a one-piece upper-crankcase/cylinder block engineered to withstand the rigours of marine duty.
  • Exceptional high performance is provided by a water-cooled IHI turbocharger with water-cooled intercooler. The AquaTrax turbocharger produces a maximum boost of 10 psi to generate more power than a normally aspirated engine. The turbine bearing is an enclosed, ceramic-ball design that withstands sustained high-rpm compressor operation while providing nearly vibration- and friction-free performance. Water cooling of the turbocharger housing maintains optimum turbine operating efficiency, while the water-cooled intercooler ensures a denser intake charge to provide maximum power and combustion efficiency. An Electronic Control Module (ECM) monitors atmospheric pressure, boost pressure, engine speed, oil and water temperature, intake air temperature and an engine knock sensor to manage an electronic wastegate valve that controls turbocharger boost, protecting vital engine components and maintaining long engine life.


  • Dry-sump design allows the engine to be mounted low in the hull, resulting in a very low centre of gravity that contributes to the AquaTrax’s exceptional handling performance.
  • Raised bond-line design aids in docking and provides excellent splash protection.
  • Sponson design further contributes to the AquaTrax’s low-speed manoeuvrability and high-speed stability.
  • Strong, lightweight Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) hull and deck are permanently joined and sealed at the gunwale, providing the AquaTrax with a distinctive and attractive profile.

For more information and details on this factory demo Honda Aquatrax F-15X contact Honda Marine Durban on Tel.: 031 305 8735