Honda Launch NEW TV Brand AD

Honda Motor Southern Africa aired their new TV Brand AD for the first time on April 20, 2012. Depicted throughout the AD are all the Honda mainstream products together with a history of Honda to be seen in the background alongside a whole host of Southern African icons. Check it out at:

A very creative AD and what is also fascinating is how the soundtrack was put together. View this at Honda vs. THePETEBOX:



INTRO Stories

Much anticipated Honda BF250 Launch to take place in Port Alfred next month
As Clinton Lambert, the Honda Marine SA Divisional Manager says, “Honda is proud to announce the arrival of our flagship outboard, the BF250. Some would say that we took our time, and we would agree, because perfection is worth waiting for. The powerhouse 250hp boasts best-in-class fuel economy and advanced features, including VTEC®, BLASTTM, Lean Burn Control and is NMEA2000® compliant. With all this and world-famous Honda reliability built in, we think you’ll agree that the Honda BF250 is the epitome of outboard perfection.”


Honda setting Industry Standards of Quality, Reliability and Performance with all-new BF250
Honda Marine Southern Africa is soon to launch the all-new BF250 horsepower (hp) four-stroke engine, the most powerful outboard to join the Honda Marine lineup – and now the company’s flagship model.  The Honda BF250 marine outboard engine incorporates a host of Honda-exclusive technologies that provide increased value and benefit to consumers.

The styling concept of the new Honda BF250, a departure from previously introduced Honda Marine outboards, incorporates a sleeker and slimmer aesthetic design. The cowling of the new engine exhibits a sharper, more angular profile – with chrome lines conveying power and speed – contributing to an overall streamlined, aerodynamic appearance. Included in this innovative and durable configuration are technologically advanced features that contribute to the engine’s best-in-class fuel economy and excellent power and charging performance.

“The all-new Honda BF250 marine engine demonstrates the Honda commitment to engineering a product line with unparalleled performance, power and fuel economy,” says Clinton Lambert, Divisional Manager, Honda Marine Southern Africa. “The introduction of this flagship engine also further strengthens our relationship with both consumers and dealers.”

Improved Power, Performance and Fuel Economy
With a full-throttle RPM range of 5300-6300, the Honda BF250 is a high-performance 3.6 L engine that incorporates an all-new gear case and advancements from Honda’s automotive and marine outboard engine lines. For example, integrated into the BF250 design is Honda’s Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control® (VTEC®).  First debuted in the high-performance Acura NSX sports car, VTEC® technology works to vary the lift and duration of the intake valve opening to deliver optimal performance at both low and high rpm, resulting in peak performance at all speeds. The technology provides a broad, flat torque curve and smooth power delivery throughout the engine’s entire operating range, allowing the operator to enjoy outstanding performance and impressive fuel economy.

The Honda BF250 engine incorporates the Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) System which dramatically improves holeshot acceleration by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during ‘hammer down’ acceleration.  The Engine Control Module (ECM) then steps in to increase injector timing, creating a more potent air/fuel mixture. The resulting boost in available torque at low rpm contributes to a strong holeshot (off the line acceleration) to get the boat up on plane quickly.  The ignition spark timing is appropriately adjusted under slower throttle advancement, ensuring a leaner air/fuel mix and improved fuel efficiency. The ECM in the Honda BF250 also can predict the operator’s shifting operation based on changes in engine speed and throttle position.

Further, when the electric load on the new Honda BF250 increases, an adjustable idling-charge system enhances the charging performance of the engine. The BF250 has an industry-first, AMP Plus (Amp+) feature which, at idle speeds, senses a need for more amperage and automatically raises the engine rpms by 100 to produce an additional nine amps. This is perfect for simultaneously running accessories such as SONAR, GPS, stereo, live wells and trolling motors.

The all-new Honda BF250 is designed with Lean Burn Control, a feature that automatically adjusts the air/fuel mix according to speed and load while maximizing power throughout the acceleration range – providing as much as 20 percent greater fuel economy in cruise mode (2,000 to 4,500 rpm).  Lean Burn Control has been enhanced on the BF250 to improve fuel efficiency even further in specific cruising ranges, resulting in best-in-class fuel economy: 16 -30 percent better than competitive models, depending on specific running conditions.

The increased durability and reliability of the Honda BF250 stems from a redesigned gear case and a low gear ratio; an optional large diameter (16″) propeller also can further enhance performance.  The gear case of the BF250 engine incorporates an advanced design that minimizes water resistance, and by extension, reduces the overall drag coefficient by five percent (even without the use of the larger, optional propeller).

World’s First Marine Direct Air Dual Circuit Induction System
The all-new Honda BF250 engine incorporates the world’s first marine direct air dual circuit induction system of its type on a production outboard.  The first circuit draws air into the front and around critical engine components, and a top-mounted cooling fan draws cooling air over the alternator.  The second circuit routes cool air from the upper intake vents, removes moisture, and then inducts it into the throttle body.  This system provides for cooler, denser air for better combustion than conventional under-cowl induction systems.

The design of the variable air intake system on the Honda BF250 also includes a large air-intake silencer that reduces noise. The silencing effect results from a chamber being added to the intake passage – causing sound waves to interfere with one another – creating a side branch effect that quiets noise.

Additional Features and Benefits, Ease-of-Use
The design of the Honda BF250 incorporates a spark plug maintenance cover that assists in ease-of-maintenance of the spark plug. This window provides access to the spark plugs without removing the entire engine cover.  The engine also includes a high-quality, cost-effective nickel spark plug that seals the combustion chamber.

Because the BF250 engine mounts on industry-standard 26″ centres, repowering twin BF250s is convenient. Having a 26″ industry-standard engine mount is an advantage in several ways.  In terms of repowering, older boats traditionally utilized the standard 26″ distance, making it an easy fit to repower with Honda engines that utilize the same standard.  By extension, having to modify a transom to accommodate a different distance is costly.  Having ample room between the two outboards allows for easier access for maintenance, and this distance provides tighter turning capability.

In addition, the new Honda BF250 engine is NMEA 2000® certified (parameters of this certification are defined and controlled by the U.S.-based National Marine Electronics Association). This accreditation means that the product has been tested to meet specific critical safety criteria and to correctly implement network management and messaging. NMEA developed this open architecture electronic protocol to allow engine data to be interfaced with a wide variety of name brand marine electronics.  In meeting this certification, the BF250 does not require the added expense of proprietary gateway devices.

From May 2012, the all-new Honda BF250 outboard engine will be available at Honda Marine dealers throughout South Africa.  All new Honda outboard engines sold for recreational use, including the new BF250, offer an industry-best True 3-year, non-declining limited factory warranty that is the same on the last day as it is on the first.





‘FOUR’ for the price of ‘TWO’ – Clinton Lambert, Honda Marine SA Divisional Manager

BF50 - Engine Cover off

As I mentioned in the January Newsletter, we at Honda are encouraged by the fact that 4-stroke sales represented 79% of the world’s total marine sales in 2010. As the ONLY EXCLUSIVE Four Stroke Outboard Engine Manufacturer in the world, this has improved our worldwide sales significantly. We have always been particularly strong in the mid-range segment of our outboard engine line-up (30hp – 90hp). In the South African market, this mid-range segment is the largest in volume and showed growth of 16% last year.

Our most recent product launches have been new models in this segment. In 2008 we introduced the world to BLAST and ECOmo for the first time with the roll out of our new BF40/BF50. In 2009 we launched our first ever 60hp outboard with a standard and commercial gearbox configuration, notwithstanding the usual BLAST, ECOmo and NMEA2000 compliancy.

These two ‘bulletproof’ outboard engines have supplied Honda owners with industry leading reliability and in so doing are currently our top global models. The sales on these new models have improved so dramatically, that our production facility in Japan has seen fit to reduce their cost to Honda Motor Southern Africa. In turn we have decided to pass this saving straight onto the consumers through our dealer network.

On the BF50 there is a 4% revision from the previous price list which equates to a retail saving of R2 700 per motor. On the BF60 there is an 8% revision equating to a saving of R5 600 per motor.

As the title of this article suggests, you can now get a four stroke 60hp for pretty much the price of a two stroke 60hp.

Honda BF60hp

Please call on your local Honda Marine dealer, and ask them to show you these fantastic models. They will gladly discuss your re-powering options with you, and provide you with a proposal that will give you more boating for less.

It’s time to upgrade to a Honda!




Will Honda’s Impossible Dream TV Commercial ever be surpassed?
Honda’s Impossible Dream is a panoramic 2 minute long television commercial that was launched on December 2, 2005 in the United Kingdom. It anchored the “Power of Dreams” campaign which also included a website with extensive information about the series of vintage Honda vehicles that were chosen to illustrate the dreams of the founder of Honda. It features an actor (Simon Paisley Day) singing, riding and driving across the scenic shorelines and roads of New Zealand, Twin Ring Motegi in Japan, and the Iguazu Falls inSouth America.

A vintage record player starts playing a single, “Impossible Dream” by Andy Williams. A hand reaches out for a jacket and crash helmet, and he sets forth from his trailer into a series of vintage Honda vehicles, starting with a diminutive minibike, and ending with a powerboat that leaps off the edge of a waterfall, emerging from the mist as a hot-air balloon with the Honda logo.

 On 25 April 2010, an extended version debuted on the National Geographic Channel in The Netherlands. Instead of finishing with a hot air balloon, it continues and features a HondaJet aeroplane, a Honda CR-Z hybrid, a VFR1200, a Honda FCX Clarity hydrogen fuel cell car, the Honda ASIMO robot, a Honda SH 125i scooter, and finishes with the subject driving into the garage of a beach house containing a Honda (solar) power generator. Finally the subject sits in a hot tub overlooking the sea. A voice-over (again provided by Garrison Keillor) says “What good is dreaming it, if you don’t actually do it?”