Hayden Barber, Dealer Principal of Honda Marine Harare

With each Newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the Honda Marine Dealer Network, letting you know where your nearest Honda Marine dealer is situated and also giving you background into how Honda Marine has been able to so effectively establish itself in the Southern African market.

Working our way around the coast and then inland and across the border, we’re now heading off to Honda Marine Harare. Here we find ourselves in discussion with Hayden Barber, the Dealer Principal at Honda Marine Harare.

Why did you choose Honda in terms of wanting to be a Marine dealer?
I looked at all the options and chose Honda because of their vision and history of offering the best reliability amongst all of the manufacturers. I was also totally impressed by their levels of service excellence to both their dealers and the overall customer base, and that’s a scarce resource in this day and age, so to be part of the Honda brand and the Honda experience was always my first choice.

Honda Marine gaining rapid ground in Southern Africa

How long have you been a Honda Marine dealer?
Honda Marine Harare, better known in Zimbabwe circles as H20 Mechanix, has been in operation for many years, but we’ve only been operating as a Honda Marine dealer for the last 12 months.


Boat manufacturing facility at Honda Marine Harare

Meet the Team at the Dealership
At this stage Honda Marine Harare is primarily a production facility where we build a number of varying-sized boats under the ‘Raptor’ banner, all of which are now powered by Honda outboard engines. To assist me, I have a staff compliment of 9 laminators/ polishers and 3 steel specialists.

With what Boat Manufacturers do you have direct tie-ups?
As a manufacturer of boats, we build a number of different ‘Raptor’ boats to suit specific local and Southern African market conditions.

Raptor 820 Centre Console

What types of Boat Packages are most popular in your area?
The most popular boat packages in Zimbabwe are 17 to 23 foot monohull boats for tiger and bream fishing.
In what main areas does your Workshop specialise?
My workshop specializes in the manufacturing of boats as well as trailer repair work together with stainless steel welding and fabrication work.

Raptor 820 Centre Console and Forward Console boats at the recent Durban International Boat Show

With which Navigational Equipment companies are you involved?
We are involved with 2 major players in terms of the supply of top quality navigational equipment, namely Garmin and Lowrance. These are the navigational products that my clients prefer.

Garmin and Lowrance are Honda Marine Harare's navigational equipment suppliers of choice

In the case of Customer Emergencies or Problems, do you offer a Call-Out service?
I do offer call out services to all my clients both locally but also in Mozambique. Being a manufacturer of my own products, as well as being a Honda Marine agent, I’m prepared at all times to travel wherever to sort out all my clients individual servicing and other needs.

The awesome Raptor 490 powered by twin Honda BF40's - Hull design by Galloping Naartjie

Do you have a specific message for the readers?
As primarily a manufacturing facility we are still growing the retail side of our operation step by step, however our local network is very much in place and we’re strongly marketing the advantages of our RAPTOR range of boats to an enthusiastic market throughout South Africa, having a strong presence at all the national boat shows. Over time we will strive to offer all our customers a ‘happy’ boating experience both with our locally manufactured boats as well as with the Honda 4-stroke technologically advanced outboard engines.

Raptor 820 Centre Console - Hull design by Galloping Naartjie

Dealership Contact Details – HONDA MARINE HARARE
Hayden Barber
Tel.: +263 712211933





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