Honda Marine Pinetown
With each Newsletter we’ll be introducing you to the Honda Marine Dealer Network, letting you know where your nearest Honda Marine dealer is situated and also giving you background into how Honda Marine has been able to so effectively establish itself in the South African market.

Working our way around the coast and then inland, we’re now heading off to Honda Marine Pinetown. Here we find ourselves in discussion with Marcel Kageler, the Dealer Principal at Honda Marine Pinetown.
Why did you choose Honda in terms of wanting to be a Marine dealer?
In 2007 we became the first dealership in KZN to sell Honda outboards, as more than anything we wanted to give our customers a product that first and foremost offered outstanding reliability, combined with great performance and fuel efficiency, based on the demanding conditions found on the KZN coastline. Overseas the Honda 4-stroke engine line-up has become the outboard of choice and here in South Africa its made huge inroads in a short period of time, so our decision to go for Honda was an easy one.

How long have you been a Honda Marine dealer?
In 2006 we started out rigging Honda outboard engines onto the exclusive Honda Marine range of boats that were then delivered to dealers all around the country. Then in 2007 we formalized things and started the dealership and then in April 2008 we launched our current showroom.

Meet the Team at the Dealership
Marcel Kageler – Dealer PrincipalVaughn Lees – Sales
Gareth Lees – Admin
Gareth Marshal – Workshops
Sebastian Wilkinson – Parts and Warrantees
With what Boat Manufacturers do you have direct tie-ups?
We’re currently involved with a number of boat manufacturers such as AquaQuad, Tomcat, C-Ski, Catskee, Feral Inflatables and Ace Boats, all of whom have a big part to play in terms of supplying both suitable offshore fishing and leisure craft for our specific coastal conditions.

What types of Boat Packages are most popular in your area?
Certainly the offshore cats fitted with twin mounts are the most popular, but we’re now also doing a lot of Commercial boat re-powers where the owners have now recognized the superior advantages of Honda 4-stroke technology and want to upgrade. We also sell a lot of spearfishing and light tackle offshore boats.

In what main areas does your Workshop specialise?
The workshop is primarily involved with rigging and servicing, maintenance and re-powering, where we replace existing engines with more efficient Honda power, all with a view to improving the customer’s on-water experience.

With which Leisure Accessory companies are you involved?
Based on our location, leisure accessory opportunities are few and far between, however what we do have in stock is all from the Obrien stable. What our customers need most is proper fishing equipment, so to satisfy this demand we have our own fishing shop on the premises combined with our well supported fishing-themed pub.

With which Navigational Equipment companies are you involved?
At this stage Lowrance supplies all our navigational equipment. Their product line-up suits our specific needs and we find their ability to supply product and after sales support to be very quick, professional and effective.

In the case of Customer Emergencies or Problems, do you offer a Call-Out service?
We do call outs and offer back-up on all our own rigged boats that have been handed over to customers.

Do you have a specific message for the readers?
We try and offer all our customers great service, culminating in the best overall on-water solution for their individual boating needs. From initial advice and guidance to the handover of their new boat to servicing and back-up, their experience throughout must be an enjoyable one. We look forward to welcoming to our premises all those looking for that specific boating solution.

All-new Honda BF250's now available

Dealership Contact Details – HONDA MARINE PINETOWN
Tel.: 031-7016106/7016110
Fax: 031-7016079







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