Honda Marine Port Alfred’s ‘Stin Ki Pu’ cleaning up the Kowie River

'Stin-Ki-Pu' in action

Honda Marine Port Alfred has joined the fight against pollution on their local waterways with their new addition – ‘Stin Ki Pu’. After hearing many complaints from Port Alfred residents about the litter, plastic bags, bottles and other undesirables floating in the Kowie River, Honda Marine Port Alfred decided to do something about it.

So they bought and refurbished the little boat, ‘Stin ki pu’, which is all of 3.1m long. It was originally manufactured in Port Alfred as a sailing dingy, but now it has a very much more important purpose in life. From now on, a Honda Marine Port Alfred staff member will skipper ‘Stin Ki Pu’ in the town’s waterways, gathering up all any polluting items that they encounter.

The outboard motor powering this craft is a 5hp Honda four-stroke. Honda is best suited to this work as it produces only four-stroke engines, which means there are far less emissions compared with conventional two-stroke motors. Four-strokes do not burn oil and spew it out of the exhaust, as a two-stroke does. Rather, the oil is used for lubricating the engine, as with a car. Critically therefore, ‘Stin Ki Pu’ will not be polluting the very canals and the river that it is supposed to be cleaning up.
Two-stroke outboards have been banned in most locations in the US, Europe, England and Australia, and in a number of waterways in Southern Africa, for this very reason. Also, the Honda 5hp is quiet-running, so the boat will not disturb anyone on the river, while the people on board carry out their cleaning operations. Hondas are also up to 60 percent more fuel-efficient than two-strokes, making this a very cost-effective exercise.

While a Honda Marine Port Alfred staff member will always be on hand to man the boat, the company says the position is also open to people who would like to gain hours on the water for their skippers’ ticket or anyone else who would like to volunteer their time.

All donations – whether it be for equipment or other – towards sustaining this effort, or as already mentioned if you would like to volunteer your time for cleaning up the Kowie, will be welcomed.

Businesses are also invited to contribute towards the clean up effort in exchange for having their logos put on the side of ‘Stin Ki Pu’.

For more information interested parties should contact Honda Marine Port Alfred on Tel.: 046 624 1189. 

Honda Marine Madagascar honoured for CetaMada Sponsorship

The Honda BF115HP powering the CetaMada Research Vessel

CetaMada, the association established for the protection of marine mammals and their habitats through study and awareness around Madagascar, recently honoured Honda Marine Madagascar for the 2011 supply and sponsorship of a BF115HP outboard to power their research vessel.

From Sponsors of Laptops to Internet Connections to Cameras..... all were thanked!

Other parties that were honoured, all of whom make the CetaMada project possible, were the French Fund for Global Environment, HeroCamera for the supply of digital cameras, Telma for laptops and internet connections, the Swiss Embassy, the University of Southampton, local Madagascan hotels and the Nosy Bay Tourism Office.


Honda Marine Knysna’s first Lee Cat Xpressa 800 finds new home

Lee Cat Xpressa 800 PHOTO: Paul Weavers

Following her first sea trial/combined boat test with a potential new owner, the impressive Lee Cat Xpressa 800 certainly didn’t disappoint. Powered by 2 x Honda BF150HP outboards and with Lee brothers, Leon and Kevin on board together with Knysna personnel, the Xpressa 800 was put through her paces in no uncertain terms.

Covered forward console area with controls and full instrumentation/ PHOTO: Paul Weavers

Once having navigated the Knysna Heads in what were choppy conditions, the Xpressa 800 completed a number of turns, both long and tight, as well as some standing starts to see how quickly she would get on the plane in the rough water. With minimal effort the Xpressa 800 with her 300 Honda horses adapted extremely well to everything that both the skippers and the sea could throw at her.

The Xpressa 800 handled the infamous Knysna Heads with ease/ PHOTO: Paul Weavers

Coming back through the Knysna Heads on a racy following sea was very comfortable and once back in the lagoon, the ability of the Xpressa 800 to get effortlessly on the plane with one of the engines completely trimmed up was quite an eye-opener for some, but not really unexpected to others.

Suffice to say that this Honda-powered Lee Cat impressed all aboard and it wasn’t long before she moved to the Knysna Quays and her new home.


Honda Marine Durban eventually finish 3rd at Inanda Dam Raft Race

TEAM Honda Marine Durban shortly before doing their 'HAKA'

Following the burning of some midnight oil, and some frantic activity before the start, Honda Marine Durban battled the elements to finish the Raft race held at the Inanda Dam in Hillcrest, Durban in a highly respectable 3rd Place.

No task is too big for the staff at Honda Marine Durban, therefore the call from Team Captain and Dealer Principal, Craig Wilson, to put together a suitable craft for the Inanda Dam Race, was quickly answered with some hurried after-work design and production tweaks, culminating in some last minute fine-tuning on race day morning.

Not bad for a Raft they thought....and hoped!

All went well, but the choppy dam waters took their toll, forcing Team Honda Marine Durban to eject one of their almost-volunteering crew members from the raft, so that he could more ably steer the makeshift vessel by grabbing hold of the bow and implement a series of Olympic-like swimming kick manoeuvres to prevent her from floating even further backwards?

The 'almost-volunteer' before being rescued

Unfortunately said crew member had overstated his pre-event training programme regime and fitness levels and after 5 kicks had to be pulled back on board for some emergency First Aid treatment. Despite a shortage of volunteers to administer said treatment, we are happy to report that back on land the ‘Castle’ tent was able to stabilize him very quickly and to this day he remains in their capable hands.

Even greater things planned for next year

So 3rd it was to be, no mean feat, and most importantly some much-needed funds were raised for the local Forest Hill Sports Club, primarily through Craig having tied up a potentially bank-breaking sponsorship amount from the local Waterfall SPAR just days prior to the event.

Big plans are already afoot for next year’s event in Honda Marine Durban’s Team quest to achieve overall honours and rumours that Craig is currently talking to a number of Formula One team designers are purely speculative…


Honda Marine Harare launched at the 50th Anniversary of the Kariba Invitational Tiger Fishing Tournament (KITFT)

Honda Marine Harare announcing themselves at Kariba

At the end of October, the National Angling Union (NAU) hosted the 50th Anniversary of the KITFT at Charara in Kariba, Zimbabwe. The tournament was a great success with up to 500 boats at the startline, and provided the perfect setting for Honda Marine Harare (Ruwa Branch) to officially launch their Honda Marine affiliation via a prominent stand and jetty very close to the weigh bay which gave maximum exposure for the “Powered by Honda” boats.
What an incredible sight it was to see people from all over supporting this event with such enthusiasm. There were also many commercial stands on hand at the NAU Charara site all linked to boating and fishing. Indeed the “Powered by Honda” boats were used to transport the film crews and some of the marshals for the whole event which resulted in some fantastic feedback on both the boats and the Honda outboards for the Honda Marine Harare team.

There was also great interest shown in the Honda outboards which were on display at the Honda Marine Harare Stand. Even before this event many people had phoned and e-mailed regarding future orders, and now that everyone knows that Honda has a proper base in Zimbabwe, the interest will for sure now turn into firm orders.
For those fishermen who persevered through the heat all day until weigh-in, there were some great prizes on offer, probably the most unusual was for the team that came in 50Th at this 50th Anniversary Tournament being a Honwave inflatable boat with a Honda BF2.3HP outboard – not too shabby! All in all the day was a resounding success and we wish Honda Marine Harare every success for the future.



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