Honda Marine steals the limelight at the Cape Town international Boat Show

Honda Marine SA’s more recent development of a strategy to offer their customers an exclusive range of “imported-from-the USA” Chaparral Recreational Sports Boats and Cruisers to Robalo Offshore Fishing and Recreational Watersking Boats has not only established them as a major force in the South African marine market, but has also set them apart from all the other main players within the industry, a fact that was clearly evident at the recent Cape Town International Boat Show.

Combined with Honda Marine Somerset West’s exclusive tie-up with Linder Aluminium Boats, Honda Marine is now able to offer a comprehensive overall boat package line-up, right from entry-level models all the way up to the top end of the market.

The Chaparral 224 Xtreme, 226 SSi and 287SSX models, as well as the twin Honda BF150 powered Robalo R240 and R247 boats, attracted much attention from a highly knowledgeable and enthusiastic boat show crowd, just over 13 300 people over the 3 days.
At the forefront was the all-new Honda flagship BF250 which in this instance was powering an Avalanche 230, and of particular interest was Avalanche’s Honda BF225HP equipped Aqua Lounge 27 foot Pontoon boat, not normally billed as a main drawcard with the Cape Town public, but this year it was different, obviously times are a-changing!

Certainly all those looking for ‘affordable’ ways to get on the water were mightily impressed with the superior quality of the Linder Boats over any of their aluminium counterparts, to such an extent that the price premium for a Linder Boat was easily justifiable to customers when weighed up directly with the overriding quality benefits.

All in all, Honda Marine continued to build on the momentum created at both the Durban and Johannesburg Boat Shows. At a time in the Marine industry when the market is generally depressed, they continue to take bold positive steps in sharing the Honda brand experience in dynamic ways with an ever-growing customer base.



SA Marine Market slowly showing signs of a mini-recovery

One way or another you've got to get out there on the water...

You probably won’t find too many people directly involved with the marine industry dancing in the streets or even booking a couple of tickets to follow the Proteas ‘down under’, however if the attendances and interest shown in boating as a whole at SA’s three premier 2012 Boat Shows in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town is anything is to go by, then we might slowly but surely be turning the corner…

Getting on the water is family time

There are many factors which have over the last couple of years impacted negatively on the marine market, a depressed world economy, less disposable income, consumer confidence, fuel prices, availability and cost of financing to potential customers and the list goes on. To survive all those involved in the marine industry have had to think smart and develop initiatives that will attract customers (both previous and new) to boating.

Boating or just being on the water is for many people more that just another recreational activity, it’s a passion and once bitten it’s difficult to let it go. Some may have downscaled on their means of on the water transport, the important thing however is that they’re still on the water. Others may still have the financial means but are just looking for the right boat package where they will experience comprehensive service and after sales support, and not feel deserted after having made a substantial investment.

Boating allows you to experience special moments on the water

These are all factors that Honda Marine SA has taken into account in developing their Honda exclusive boating tie-ups, from Chaparral and Robalo Boats at the top end through to entry level Linder Aluminium Boats (available through Honda Marine Somerset West).

Nothing like a ski to get away from it all

Not only does this differentiate Honda Marine from the rest, but most importantly it gives you boating options based on your budget, allowing the Honda Marine Dealer Network to match your individual boating needs with the best possible boating solutions.

Honwave Inflatables are just one of the many affordable boating options

Peak season is just around the corner, so maybe now is the time to contact your nearest Honda Marine Dealer and check out all the possibilities. Watching other people enjoying themselves out on the water is neither an option nor is it good for you…




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