When boating this festive season play your part in ensuring the health of our oceans and waterways for generations to come

SANParks researching the health of the eco-fragile Knysna lagoon

SANParks researching the health of the eco-fragile Knysna lagoon

From a global perspective, humankind since the earliest recorded history has been dependent on the world’s oceans for the provision of food, employment and valuable trade commodities, as well as to meet recreational, cultural and spiritual needs.

Once regarded as an inexhaustible source of fish and seafood, it is now recognised that the oceans are undergoing dramatic ecological changes primarily due to human actions. Following recent trends of overexploitation, global fisheries are at risk of biological and economic collapse with largely unknown long-term consequences for the health of our planet.

Around the world, however, fishers, conservationists, scientists and managers are taking action to mitigate previous unsustainable practices, ensuring the health of our oceans for generations to come. We too however, can play our part purely by sticking to the rules of the waters that we travel upon, whether it’s just by observing no wake zones to protect fragile ecosystems or by adhering to the given fishing quotas for specific areas. It may not seem of major consequence, but each and every individual action adds up to the greater whole.

It is only through a combination of a multitude of approaches that the vision of rebuilding fish stocks, conservation of natural resources and sustainable use of marine resources will be realised, in turn allowing us to pass on these benefits to future generations.

All at Honda Marine wish you safe and happy boating this festive season.