Some tips to buying the right Honda outboard engine for your specific boating usage applications
MAIN 4When you buy a new boat and are looking for the right Honda outboard engine with which to power it, you can follow some relatively simple criteria to ensure that you maximize upon the potential of your overall boat package.

  1. Your local Honda Marine dealer will be able to give you good advice in terms of the best power options for your individual boat based on the boat builder’s specifications. This will immediately narrow it down to a minimum and a maximum recommended horsepower rating.
  1. One should remember that the engine size and weight increases with horsepower and that this will have a bearing on how the boat sits in the water (additional weight on the stern). It will give you more performance, but it may also affect the overall handling and manoeuvrability of the boat.
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  1. If you’re going to be doing a lot of watersports, it’s probably a good idea to go for the maximum recommended horsepower engine.
  1. Ensure that you have the correct propeller fitted for your specific application needs. Small incremental differences in the diameter and pitch of your propeller can make a big difference in performance. Discuss your propeller size options with your local Honda Marine dealer.
  1. Price is obviously very important, the higher the horsepower the more that it will cost, so don’t go bigger than what you really need.
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  1. If budgets are tight, don’t discount the used market, as there are some very big savings to be made here, however check, see, and preferably test the engine before you follow this road. If you’re not technically inclined then try and involve a friend who is, otherwise this route can get hazardous and you’d be better off going for a new engine.