Honda Marine empowering Marine Protected Area Champions

This young lady conservationist went from 2HP to 230HP in a couple of hours!/ Photo: Paul Weavers

At the recent Marine Protected Area Forum sponsored by WWF and DEA which was held in Still Bay from 6-9 November 2011, delegates were treated to an afternoon of fun and excitement as many took to the water in a Honda powered boat for the first time. With some smaller Honwave inflatable boats powered by Honda 2, 5 and 10HP outboards on hand, together with a Falcon 7.6m RIB powered by 2 x Honda BF115’s, there was an array of craft available for test.

The Falcon 7.6m powered by 2 x Honda BF115HP outboards proved very popular/ Photo: Paul Weavers

Of particular interest was one lady conservationist who had just completed her 5 mile Skipper Course theory and wanted to get some practical time in on the water. Starting off with the Honda 2HP following some basic instruction, she quickly got to grips with things, and found herself comfortably controlling 230HP by the end of the day, showing the extreme user-friendliness of the Honda 4-stroke outboards.

Certainly trips and for a special few, the opportunity to drive the newly rigged Falcon 7.6m RIB powered by 2 x Honda BF115’s was the highlight of the afternoon. Initially many were intimidated by the sheer size and power of this beautiful craft where Honda’s BLAST (Boosted Low Speed Torque) system was very evident in shooting the boat onto the plane in record time, but these fears were quickly allayed following some personal one on one instruction from Falcon Inflatables’ Pieter Heyneman.

Honda making life easy for 'first-timers on the water'/ Photo: Paul Weavers

All in all a great afternoon was had by all, as these very passionate and highly motivated Marine Environmental Champions now return to their respective Marine Protected Areas, to continue, in direct conjunction with the WWF Honda Marine Parks Programme, their all important conservation work.


Honda Marine secures joint tender with Falcon to supply Ambulance RIB’s to the Middle East
Perhaps one of the most radical designs to yet come out of the Falcon Inflatables’ factory in Swellendam is this 7.6m Ambulance RIB. In partnership with Honda Marine SA, Falcon has secured a joint tender to supply a number of these custom-built Ambulance RIB’s powered by twin mount Honda BF115’s for export to the Middle East.

A standard 7.6m Falcon RIB/ Photo: Paul Weavers

Taking a standard 7.6m Falcon RIB and coverting it into a custom-built high-speed Emergency Room/ Intensive Care Unit was no easy task. Much research was undertaken by Pieter Heyneman and the Falcon team to ensure that this Ambulance RIB would be able to offer the latest state-of-the-art medical care, and that it would be able to get to its pick-up and drop-off destinations both quickly and safely.

Rivers in the Middle East are a great source of access to remote areas/ Photo: Jim Gordon USA

In desolate regions where the roads are either non-existent or barely driveable, river access is often the only route open for emergency rescues. What’s more in many cases, the distances to the nearest hospital are vast, so it’s essential that the Ambulance RIB is fully equipped to ensure that patients can be properly stabilized, or if necessary receive emergency treatment during the transportation period.

High-speed Emergency Room/ Intensive Care Unit

The Cockpit is fully integrated into the ER

The fast floating ER

With all this criteria in mind, you need a boat that’s been built to the latest RIB design specifications and a power supply that will offer you performance, reliability and superior fuel economy, therefore for all parties the choice of the Falcon/ Honda boat package combination was an easy one.


Well-known South African Fisherman Hennie Papenfuss chooses Honda

Hennie Papenfuss doing what he does best...

Professional Angler and TV Producer, Hennie Papenfuss, has just taken delivery of his Honwave 2.4m Air V-Floor inflatable boat powered by a Honda BF5HP outboard, ideal for
estuary and inland fishing activities. Hennie has a wealth of fishing knowledge and experience and is more than willing to share this with you, so either pose your ‘Fishing Questions’ on the Honda Marine SA Facebook page or e-mail us on: and we’ll get Hennie to reply.

Hennie is a multiple SA National Angling Champion having also taken part in many international fishing competitions. Over the years he’s mastered the following facets of Angling Sport:

*Rock & Surf Fishing                                           *Freshwater Bank Fishing

*European-style Carp & Pole Fishing                 *Fly fishing in Fresh & Salt Water

*Light Tackle Boat Fishing                                  *Lure Fishing

*Tournament Casting                                          *Offshore Fishing

*Bass Fishing

Apart from his professional angling activities, Hennie also produced SA’s first digital fishing mag in DVD format, namely which has been a huge success. He also produces a number of TV fishing programmes for kykNET and Supersport, and has also had his fishing experiences shown on National Geographic and the Discovery Channels.

So if you’ve got any specific fishing questions for Hennie, don’t delay, just send them through…








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