Powerful Honda 4-stroke outboards continue to help maintain US security
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Following the events of September 11th, 2001, the United States Coast Guard was charged with the task of increasing security on critical inland and coastal waterways. To perform this task, it decided to deploy approximately 80 craft from boatbuilder SAFE Boats International in Port Orchard, Washington, all of which were powered by twin V-6 Honda BF225 4-stroke outboards.

The 25′, welded-aluminum boats feature a patented, foam flotation collar that adds an additional 6,000 pounds of flotation. Their hulls incorporate side-cornering fins that enable the boats to achieve a 3 to 4-G turn with minimal roll.

With the Honda BF225s, these “homeland security boats” can reach speeds of 50+ mph/ 80kph. The engines utilize the same advanced technology developed for the company’s highly popular automobiles. Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC) delivers optimum performance throughout the operating range. The dual-stage induction system maximizes combustion for increased torque and superb fuel economy.

When asked why SAFE Boats chose the Honda outboards, company President Bill Hansen said, “Honda’s warranty is the best in the industry, and when we discussed OEM support, the folks at Honda stepped right up to the plate. Also, the Hondas tested brilliantly. They gave us the best hole shot and mid-range torque, and equaled the best top end speed of all the 4-strokes we considered.”

The boats sport full cabins with 6’5″ of headroom, yet, without removal of the cab, still can be loaded in C-130 air transports for duty anywhere in the world. Deep-V hulls with radical deadrise provide a soft ride even in adverse conditions.

The cabin accommodates a crew of four, and there is room for six more people involved in search and rescue missions. Because of the flotation collars and self-bailing design, these vessels are virtually unsinkable. Honda offers clean, quiet, fuel-efficient 4-stroke outboards from 2 hp to 250 hp. Altogether it offers the ultimate boat package for the work required…