Team Honda Marine Durban enjoys some success at Durban Ski Boat Fishing Competition

Twin Honda BF115 powered Ocean Pro 240 sitting off the Durban coast

2014 Durban Ski Boat Competition
By Craig Wilson, Dealer Principal – Honda Marine Durban

With over 400 boats and 30 Jetski’s entered, this is one of the biggest fishing events on the offshore fishing calendar.

DAY ONE – All the boats and jetskis did a fly-by in front of the NSRI station at about 7.45am, then all the boats race off to their various spots to either get some live bait or to position themselves on their fishing spots of preference.

We at Team Honda Marine Durban were utilizing the Ocean Pro 240, a boat manufactured by Ian Hurliman at Fairide Marine, a 24’ monohull powered by twin Honda BF115hp outboards.
So off we went down south to set our live baits in order to catch the biggest and best barracuda, as that is what’s needed to win the overall first prize. Anyway we started to trawl, and not much happened for the first few hours, so unexpecting crew members were exposed to some team pranks to keep them awake and alert, ready for that big one.

So by 12 pm, still no Cuda had taken a liking to any of our baits, and normally the Cuda don’t bite after about 11am, so we decided to go out deep and look for a nice Tuna, Dorado or something… Still an hour or so later still nothing, then all of a sudden the real screamed, Ross was closest so he grabbed the rod and asked the crew who wanted to pull in the fish, who all in unison told him it’s all his….

So he had a nice fight on his hands and the crew were finally excited as there was a fish on the line. After about 45 minutes the fish got closer, and we saw it was a Wahoo, Ross’s first, and I was in charge of gaffing the fish in which I must say I did a good job, as many people have lost fish on a bad gaffer. Anyway we were ecstatic, so we had to quickly rush back to get to the weigh-in as there were prizes for species as well, and for Day One we found ourselves in top spot for the Wahoo species which made the long day for very little very worthwhile.
DAY TWO – The second day the wind was cranking at about 30 knots which made life very hectic, but we went out for a couple hours and with the waves breaking all around us we eventually called it a day and returned to the beach and the comfort of some liquid refreshment. What was truly impressive was how the Ocean Pro 240 handled the rough water and got us back to shore with ease.

Unfortunately our dream of a Wahoo species win were shot down when a rival boat brought in a 300g heavier fish, pushing us back into second spot.


All in all it was a really good outing, and now most importantly we’ve found the right combination of fisherman for Team Honda Marine Durban and a bright fishing future.