Team Honda Marine fit flagship BF250HP outboard to their Bass boat
by Chad Anassis

Team Honda Marine - Barry Devenish & Chad Anassis

Some 2 months ago with the full support and involvement of Honda Marine SA, I embarked upon replacing a 2-stroke outboard on our Bass boat with the all-new flagship Honda BF250 outboard. With the help and guidance from Honda SA’s extremely knowledgeable top technician, Corrie Meyer, the rigging process soon started to take shape.

During the whole process, I was amazed at how thoughtfully packaged the Honda outboard was, with every single nut and bolt accounted for. A simple example is the aluminium hoisting brackets which are standard on the Honda, whereas with the competitor’s engine, I had to purchase the bracket at a premium price! The cabling attached quite easily with all holder brackets carefully designed and supplied. What also amazed me was that my Hummingbird fish-finders were NMEA 2000 compliant with the Honda BF250 engine, therefore interfacing all engine stats directly onto my fish-finder screen.

Final rigging of the Honda BF250

Like a little kid in a candy store the first trip on the water went off like a dream. The 20 foot Viper boat sits ever so slightly deeper but the added advantages are numerous. Firstly the noise level is non-existent, secondly the Honda-exclusive ‘BLAST’ feature pushes the Viper onto the plane straight away, something that I’d never experienced with my previous 2-stroke motor. What’s more this was achieved with a standard 23-pitch prop!

Mid-range power is extremely smooth – as one accelerates, the power air intake air system kicks in and the transformation is immediately noticeable. The boat’s nose lifts up and she accelerates to 110km/h in a heartbeat. The beauty of all of this is that the boat was completely stable and I could release both my hands off the steering wheel with no deviation whatsoever. I felt totally safe and at ease, even though I was travelling at well over 100km/h.

Honda BF250 nearly ready for battle

Having now completed numerous trips, I can report back that the fuel economy is excellent and emissions are minimal. Other important feedback is that all the guys on the bass circuit are extremely impressed with the sleak lines and general good looks of the Honda BF250.

As far as the Fishing Series goes, the Bett Series as we knew it has run its course with the withdrawal of a major sponsor. Fortunately though, the series has in the meantime been revived and replaced with the formation of the EBASS Series which for all purposes’ sakes seems to be going from strength to strength. The powers-that-be have lined up some potentially strong sponsors for next season with the all-important prerequisite of television coverage seeming a certainty.

The EBASS Series thus continues and Team Honda Marine finds itself currently in 13th position overall having recently achieved a second place finish on the Vaal River and a 9th place at last month’s Roodekoppies event. Next month the trail continues at the Rhenosterkop Dam where we will be looking for another good result. Hold thumbs, top 10 here we come!

All in all it’s been an absolute privilege to be involved with Honda Marine SA, with a special word of thanks to Clinton Lambert, Leshzek Lotze and Corrie Meyer, whose respective inputs and help into the project have proven to be invaluable.

Many thanks from Team Honda Marine,
Chad Anassis and Barry Devenish

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