Honda BF175/BF200/BF225 outboards offering world-class performance, reliability and durability

Twin Honda BF225's powering the NSRI rescue RIB in Port Alfred

Honda’s BF175, BF200 and BF225, with powerful large-displacement 3.5L V6 engines, provide boaters with some of the most technologically advanced outboard power available. Based on the proven technologly found in Honda’s automotive engines and incorporating exclusive marine technologies, these revolutionary, high performance outboards deliver superior torque, top-end speed and overall world-class reliability and durability in a narrow, balanced 60° ‘V’ profile powerplant.

Packed with power, the BF175, BF200 and BF225 incorporate Honda’s revolutionary Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) air/ fuel ratio and ignition-timing technology, and lean burn control to deliver powerful acceleration together with outstanding fuel economy during cruising. A high-performance gear case further contributes to the V6 engine series’ impressive acceleration and top-end speed.

The BF225 is also equipped with Variable Valve Timing and 
Lift Electronic Control (VTEC™) – the same system Honda uses in its racing technology, sports cars and other motor vehicles. VTEC™ ensures smooth, stable idling, while the increased valve lift at high rpm broadens the torque curve and provides incredible top- end power. All three engines are NMEA2000 compliant which allows the motors to be interfaced with on board CANbus networks. This allows engine management data to be displayed on existing NMEA2000 compatible multi function electronic equipment such as Chartplotters and Fishfinders.

Honda’s exclusive Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI) and lean burn control systems, optimise the air/fuel mixture to ensure maximum performance out of every drop.

Honda’s Variable Air Intake system controls the volume and velocity of air in the combustion chamber, making cruising as smooth as it is enjoyable. The use of linear rubber mounts, combined with innovative design features that
 see the flywheel positioned below the powerhead, ensures vibration levels are extremely low.

Honda BF200HP outboard engine


60° V6 3.5L. A powerful, compact, 24-valve SOHC design. Lacking the bulk and weight of long intake runners and multi-camshafts, the narrow V6 design ensures superior performance and durability based on Honda’s automotive engineering excellence.

VTEC™ delivers more power,
torque and efficiency at every speed.

At 4500rpm, a special high-lift cam engages to provide more air (increased valve opening) into the combustion chamber to produce more power.

VTEC™ and Dual Stage Induction work to produce a longer, flatter torque profile: the ultimate in fine-tuned performance. [VTEC™: BF225 only]

Hole shot and acceleration is significantly improved by MBT* trace control (ignition timing). *MBT – Minimum advance for Best Torque.

Advanced ignition timing develops more horsepower at low rpm to get the hull up on the plane quicker. Super-strong acceleration with rapid advancement of the throttle.

This patented technology pioneers a new age in 4-stroke outboard engines and will be the benchmark for future Honda engine designs.

Inclusion of lean burn control
 offers further improved consumption in cruising mode versus comparable 4-strokes and reduced running costs for boat users.

Honda BF175HP

NMEA2000 compliancy allows
 the engine to communicate with
onboard marine electronics to deliver a wide-range of information to head-unit displays. When networked with a Garmin or Lowrance NMEA2000 device, for example, engine data such as speed, rpm, temperature, fuel usage and other data can be displayed on the unit’s screen.