Honda’s BF115, BF135 and BF150 outboard engines feature a range of Honda-exclusive technologies that place them in a league of their own
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Achieving unparalleled levels of performance, these engines deliver world-renowned quality and reliability through advanced engineering and set the standard in innovation featuring advanced inline four-cylinder technology, drawn from Honda’s decades of automotive experience.

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Cutting-edge Advantages
Honda’s BF115, BF135 and BF150 deliver seamless performance and optimum 
power for a smooth and enjoyable boating experience. Using proven technology found in Honda’s automotive engines, the BF115, BF135 and BF150 have been manufactured with the world’s most innovative, efficient and reliable technology. Designed for use 
in all environments, these engines feature a unique set of Honda-exclusive technologies to provide increased power across the entire rpm range. Low fuel consumption, exceptional reliability and reduced periodical maintenance requirements all combine to minimise the overall cost of ownership.

Honda BF115's in action

Honda BF115’s in action

Maximum Power
The BF150 features Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control (VTEC™) developed for Honda’s high-performance sports cars. Introduced in the early 1990s, VTEC™ is the benchmark technology used on every Honda motor vehicle sold today. The system ensures smooth, stable idling, while increased valve lift at high rpm broadens the torque curve and provides incredible top-end power.
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Racing Technology – VTEC
VTEC™ delivers more 
power, torque and efficiency at every speed. At 4500rpm, a special high-lift cam engages to provide more air into the combustion chamber to produce more power. VTEC™ and Dual Stage Induction work to produce a longer, flatter torque profile: the ultimate in fine-tuned performance. (VTEC™: BF150 only)

Boosted Low Speed
 Torque (BLAST™)
Hole shot and acceleration
is significantly improved by MBT trace control (ignition timing). MBT – Minimum advance for Best Torque.

Advanced ignition timing develops more horsepower at low rpm to get the hull up on the plane quicker giving super-strong acceleration with rapid advancement of the throttle.

This patented technology pioneers a new age in 4-stroke outboard engines and will be the benchmark for future Honda engine designs.

Honda BF135

Honda BF135

Lean Burn Control
Inclusion of lean burn
 control offers significantly improved fuel consumption in cruising mode versus comparable 4-strokes and reduced running costs for boat users.

New models are even more fuel-efficient than previous models.

Garmin GMI10 and GPS MAP devices all include Honda’s unique Eco light. This is to indicate Lean Burn mode in operation.

NMEA2000 Compliant
NMEA2000 compliancy allows 
the engine to communicate with 
onboard marine electronics to deliver a wide range of information to head-unit displays. When networked with a Garmin or Lowrance NMEA2000 device, for example, engine data such as speed, rpm, temperature, fuel usage and other data can be displayed on the unit’s screen.

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  • The inclusion of a Trolling Control feature allows adjustments in 50rpm increments between 650-900rpm. Trolling Control is an optional feature, contact your Honda Dealer for further details…
  • Three-Way Cooling. Three separate cooling circuits for more power with long-term durability.
  • 4-Front Corrosion Protection. A patented, ‘double-sealed’ multi-layered paint process. Sacrificial anodes and stainless steel technology, along with waterproof connectors, all enhance corrosion protection.
  • ‘On Demand’ 40amp, belt-driven alternator reduces heat build-up and provides superior battery charging capability – 30amp at 1000rpm and 40amp at 2000rpm.